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No description

Aashka Vora

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of IR

MY INTEGRATION REPORT PRESENTATION My Jouney before P.G.D.G.C... No Directions or Guidance! Full of bumps and falls... What to do................
In the middle of nowhere... always made my own choices which were almost always wrong.. It was a vicious circle i was trapped in...Kept repeating the same mistakes..never learnt... P.G.D.G.C = MY FIRST AID! I was always in some or the other kind of trouble... Parked! Escaped! My way! Stopped! How..... TO Aimless! TO TO TO TO Home Sweet Home Milestone No. 1 Milestone No. 2 Stop the Blame Game Existential Therapy- "You are what you are
because of the choices you made." Milestone No. 3 Never Lose hope Adjustment Inventory - Major area of concern -HOME! Kite of Hope - "Life is not simple, there are many ups and downs
hence never give up." BUT Keep moving on.. Milestone No. 4 String Riddle - "When you face a problem, don't try to change the situation, rather change yourself." Change yourself First Then.... Milestone No. 5 Irrational Me REBT My irrational Beliefs related to- God Marriage Family Milestone No. 6 Identify Defense Mechanisms I use Rationalization
intellectualization Identify My Id, Ego & Superego Centric Behaviours Id -
Food Cravings
Superego -
loyal Milestone No. 7 "This too shall pass!" Fable of the great king- "Everything is temporary..material possesions..good times..bad times."
Helped me in my weakest of times
control my Id centric behaviours Milestone No. 8 Living Effectively The workshop on EFFECTIVE LIVING-

Proactive Language
Empathetic Communication
Time Management Matrix
Relationship Bank Account
Think 'WIN-WIN'
Milestone No. 9 Relaxation & Yoga Milestone No. 10 I know myself better Eeneagram - Mix of Type 7, 4 & 8
Accept self and love self So I.... (: Thank you! :) Now I have the guidance for my journey ahead...
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