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Back to School Night


Tracey McDorman

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Back to School Night

Welcome to Mrs. McDorman's
2nd Grade Class

Back to School Night
About Me
7th year at Gordon in 2nd
Passionate about teaching
Love working with kids
Married to my husband
who is a firefighter in the county
Our two "furry" children
are Yogi and Tyson
Philosophy and Goals
~Every child has the capabilities to learn and succeed.

~Encourage active and independent learning with me facilitating and guiding.

~Teach core values: Respect, Honesty, Accountability, and Responsibility.

~Foster individual growth in each student.

~Have an engaging classroom where students are learning and having fun!
Resource Schedule
Monday - Music
Tuesday - PE (wear tennis shoes)
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Computer
Friday - Library (return books)
Daily Schedule
It is my goal to provide your child with a place to learn, grow, be safe, and have fun.
Follow Directions
Be Responsible
Follow Class and School Rules
Be Prepared
Work to be Organized
Take Ownership of Learning
Do T-H-E-I-R Best
My Student's Jobs are to...
Rules - Made as a class
Rewards - Fun Fridays
Bubble Gum Jar
Consequences - Mistake Book
Note home
Phone call if necessary
s f
Please sign up for a conference time at the back table.

If you would like to grab a wish list item or two thanks in advance!

Again all important information is in your packet and cheat sheet. I will post this presentation on NList.

Contact me anytime with questions, concerns, or comments.
School and Home Contact
>White Envelope - sent home every Wednesday
sign and return papers receiving M or N
>Interims - focus on behavior and work habits sent mid-quarter

>Report Cards - every nine weeks
>Conduct Reports - only if necessary
>Assignment/Homework Pad
>Send a note - I will call you if needed.
>Conferences - schedule as needed
>Nlist.com - Monthly News etc. please sign up
>Email: Tracey_McDorman@ccpsnet.net
Only for something that can wait!
Field Trips
Wish List
Henricus Historical Park
~Native Americans~
Another Trip is also
in the works.
No edible birthday treats.
Parents and visitors are welcome to come eat with your student (no friends join).
Out in the hall if you
would like to contribute.
Thanks in advance!
Working snack, Something healthy,
Non-messy. Water bottles are fine

Grading Scale
Grades are presented as fractions. The top number is the number of questions/problems your child got correct. The bottom number is the total number of questions/problems. The grade is calculated by dividing.
The student got 15 correct out of the possible 20 questions
75% = S
CCPS Grading Scale
100-94 E
93-74 S
73-64 M
63 and below N
E's and S+'s get stickers
Note the S range is VERY large
Sorry no S+'s on report cards.
Any paper receiving an M or N needs to be signed and returned.
Tests are announced several days in advance, read to children at first but then expected to read on their own. SOL format multiple choice with some response questions.
***Review materials sent home in Blue and Red folders***
Some projects (help, but don't do it for them).
Magnets, States of Matter,
Weather instruments, Storms,
Insects, Animal and
Plant Life Cycles, Habitats,
Seasonal Changes
Social Studies
Citizenship (STP), Geography, Native Americans, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Economics, Chesterfield County History, Changing Communities
Language Arts
Reading~8 Keys to Comprehension
Clarifying Making Connections
Visualizing Determining Importance
Predicting Questioning Summarizing Drawing Inferences
Reading Groups -Small Group Instruction
will come home
Reading Log
15 minutes, 4 nights per week
Due at end of every month.
Mackin Via counts too!
Review Vocabulary on
Home School Connection TESTED!
Journal - free write and prompts
Literacy Stations
Cursive instruction starts in January
Focus on learning, understanding, and applying patterns.
Grade comes from both tests and
application in written assignments
Sort Grade and Spelling Grade on Tests
New words are added that are NOT on the
list that fit the pattern being studied.
No HW turned in but suggestions in packet
9:15-9:30 Morning Meeting
9:30-11:30 Language Arts
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-12:30 Recess
12:30-1:10 Language Arts
1:10-2:10 Math
2:10-2:55 Science/Social Studies
2:55-3:40 Resource
3:45 Dismissal
Conceptual based program using manipulatives rather than rote memorization so they have an understanding of number concepts
Review of addition and subtraction facts to 20
Time and Money are difficult. Make it fun by practicing at home!
Don't panic we will be using many strategies. Video demonstrations will be posted on Edmodo.

Note will come home please purchase we use this across the curriculum.
Scholastic News and
Quick Word Dictionaries
Rubrics for some activities


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