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Comedy Ladder

Describes and gives examples of all the levels of comedy used in plays, movies, TV shows, etc.

Machelle Sprague

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Comedy Ladder

By: Machelle Sprague Comedy Ladder Obscenity Obscenity is the lowest level of humor. It usually
uses normal functions of the body and makes it
in to something that some might think to be
humorous. It can also be paired with higher levels
of humor. Obscenity is commonly used in Farces. Example of Obscenity Physical Mishaps Physical mishaps are the second lowest level of comedy. Commonly known as "slapstick" comedy, physical mishaps are used in farces. They can be seen in early forms of entertainment such as: Charley Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Red Skelton. Examples of physical mishaps are pie in the face, falling on banana peels, etc. Example of Physical Mishaps Plot Device Plot devices are the third level of humor. They usually involve cross purposes, inopportune, mistaken identities, or embarrassing experiences. Example of Plot Device Verbal Wit The fourth level of the comedy level, verbal wit is a use of language in a skillful way to cause humor from ordinary situations. It is the highest form of farce. Example of Verbal Wit Inconsistencies of Character The fifth level of comedy, inconsistency of character is when a character acts differently for a short period, than what they act like for majority of the play, show, movie, etc. Example of Inconsistency of Character
On the next slide there is an example of inconsistency of character. The inconsistent character is Boss Hogg, the man in the white suit. He is inconsistent, because he is being framed, when usually he frames other people. This is an inconsistency of character, because he usually is not easily tricked, as he knows all the tricks to scams, and framing, but he let himself get framed. Satire Satire is the highest level of comedy. It makes
something as serious as one's beliefs and actions into something humorous while making a point about it. Example of Satire
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