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National Board Certification

No description

Lisa Gallinatti

on 29 August 2010

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Transcript of National Board Certification

National Board Certification
My Journey as a Teacher-Librarian Certified in 2003 The Process
the most powerful professional development I ever particpated in as an educator
the focus was my classroom and my students
gave me permission and the time to ask myself:

Are all my students learning?
What are they learning? How do they learn? Opened Doors Strenthened My Practice What specific evidence from my informal and formal assessments demonstrates their knowledge? The certification process taught me how to be more reflective in assessing my effectiveness as a teacher-librarian. Particpated in the UW support program My own standards of teaching were raised as I strived to develop my students into effective users of ideas and information. The process showed me how I could collaborate with teachers to improve student learning. Auburn District Cohort Program 2009-10 was the first year that Auburn
was able to offer support through a cohort group Eight candidates are waiting for their scores to be released in late November of this year
Three Take One! candidates are waiting for the scores and are now full candidates in this year's cohort program There are two groups running this year.
At this time there are 15 candidates participating the certification process. Conditional Loan Program
Applicants who qualify for the conditional loan will receive $2,000
Candidates are required to pay the initial $565 to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to start the National Board process
$2,000 is taken out of their first bonus check upon certification University of Washington
Pacific Lutheran University
City University of Seattle
Antioch University
Washington State University
Washington Education Association
Home Stretch
District Suppot Providers
Washington State Information
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