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Save Lives, Save money, Quit now !

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Yarra Qashou

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Save Lives, Save money, Quit now !

Audience This campaign is aimed at ALL smokers especially the young adults, as they are at a greater risk of damaging their health and being at a young age, sabotaging their lives.
Not only are smokers at risk, but all teenagers and young adults as they are easily influenced by those around them, especially their peers.
Stores and Tobacco companies also hold responsibility as they are the suppliers of the harmful drug. Tobacco companies kill their best customers. Rationale This campaign was created to provide awareness of smoking and its disadvantages. Through it, we aim to provide a greater knowledge of smoking to everyone & to encourage those who do smoke to quit. I think this campaign will be effective as it explores the harms of smoking and how it can be avoided. Not only that, but it allows you to know just some of the things you could gain by quitting. e.g decreasing your chances of being diagnosed with diseases such as lung
cancer, emphysema,
gangrene etc. Did You Know ? ~ Smoking causes more fatalities than
heroin, cocaine, meth & all other drugs
~ Cigarettes have become a habit to over 1.1
billion people - more than one sixth of the
world population
~ About 38 000 deaths occur per year due to
second-hand smoke.
3400 of those deaths are from lung cancer in non-smokers Did You Know ? ~ Approximately 5.5 million cigarettes are produced globally each year.
~ Roughly 4.5 billion cigarette butts
are littered each year making 24.7%
of garbage, cigarettes.
~ Cigarettes contain over 4000
chemicals and 100 ingredients. Benefits of not smoking ! Smoking is the cause of many health related
diseases such as lung cancer, gangrene, cardiovascular disease, emphysema etc. The majority of smokers are at a high risk of being diagnosed with these diseases. People that quit between the ages of 31 and 40, often buy themselves 9 years of life expectancy otherwise lost to smoking related diseases. After 15 years of
quitting, the risk of stroke decreases to the same level as a non-smoker. Within three months of quitting your blood will flow more easily to your fingers and toes. Bruises and cuts will heal better https://www.morethanmedication.com.au/Health-Topics/quitting-smoking/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=CPC&utm_term=Anti%20Smoking&utm_campaign=Champix%202012 This website will provide you with information on smoking and how you can save your money ~Once nicotine enters the bloodstream, it reaches the brain in 10‒-19 seconds. Too much smoke will leave you broke There are many benefits to not smoking,
Some of these include : - - -Decreasing your risk of smoking related illnesses Keeping your body clean and healthy. - Saving yourself ALOT of money. - Food will taste so much better.
- Aging of the body will not occur as quick. Gaining extra years of life expectancy - the risks of cancer start to decrease overtime - Overall health and your quality of live will improve Changes in your body occur literally only 20 minutes after you've quit smoking. Although quitting may seem easy, it's not so call quitline or talk to people about your nasty habit. Make a change, and better your life today. Save Lives, Save Money
Quit Now ! Many people especially young teens take 'yolo' aka you only live once, as an excuse to smoke & to do other health threatening activities. I'm pretty sure getting lung cancer, isn't exactly 'living your life to the fullest.'
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