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Self Esteem: Sam Sparks

No description

Claire Thon

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Self Esteem: Sam Sparks

Sam Sparks
Low Self Esteem
By: Ashley Graham, Bella Nickola, Colbey Rouse & Claire Thon
Sam Sparks had very low self-esteem because she was bullied as a child. She was called names such as "Four eyes" and ever since then, shes been hiding her true self from the world in fear that people will judge her.
Why Her Self-Esteem Was Low
How she is hurting her self-esteem
In the "before" low self-esteem, Sam had very low self confidence in herself. She tried to hide who she really was because of her insecurity's.
Sam Sparks is really hurting her own self-esteem by hiding her true self from the world. By doing that, she's proving to the bullies that teased her that she is ashamed of who she is.
The "after" Sam was confident of who she was, she didn't care what anyone else thought, and was not scared to be herself
Flint Lockwood was a huge
help to Sam's self-esteem, he encouraged her to be herself, to not be scared of what other people thought of her, and he showed her that she is beautiful no matter what she wore or how she looked.
Sam Sparks: When I was a girl, I had glasses, I wore my hair in a ponytail, and I was totally obsessed with the weather. Other girls wanted a barbie. I wanted a Doppler Radar Turbo 2000. All the other kids made fun of me. They kept teasing me with this lame song. I mean, it wasn't even clever.

Kids: Four eyes! Four eyes! You need glasses to see!
What helped her gain self-esteem Step one:
Quotes From Sam Sparks
Sam Sparks: Can you keep a secret?
Flint Lockwood: No
[Awkward Pause]
Flint Lockwood: But this time, sure. Yeah.
Sam Sparks: [Sighs] Ok. It was a really long time ago but... i, too. was... a "nerd!"
Flint Lockwood: [blankly] Too?
What is self-esteem?
Self-esteem is having confidence in yourself, your worth, and in your own ability.
Step two:
Sam began to gain more and more confidence by being the weather reporter. She realizes that she is finally very good at something which really boosted her self-esteem.
Step three:
Another step Sam took to become self confident was going back to her childhood "nerd" look. By doing that, she was basically telling all of her bullies that she doesn't care what they think and she likes the way she looks, with or without their approval.
What changes occured\ how has Sam's life changed.
Sam has drastically altered her life. She ended up being happy, and ended up being herself. She now cares what no one thinks and is confident with her personality and appearance.
Where does self-esteem come from?
Self-esteem comes from either your confidence within yourself or your constant fear of being yourself because you're afraid of being judged.
Does having self-esteem make you perfect?
Having self-esteem doesn't make you perfect. Having self-esteem means that you accept all of your flaws.
Do your family and friends influence your self-esteem?
Yes, in our opinions, family and friends can influence your self-esteem by supporting you through the good and the bad. That will help with their self-esteem a lot.
~The End~
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