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What were the causes/effects of the creation of Israel?

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Frank Vito

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of What were the causes/effects of the creation of Israel?

UN Resolution to create the State of Israel
Divided Palestine
One Jewish Part
One Arab Part
Conflict Starts
(5 countries invade)
UN and USA must protect Israel
A Safe Place for Jewish People
(No Anti-Semitism if everyone is Jewish)
What were the causes/effects of the creation of Israel?
Displaced Persons
(No Where To Go?)
Many Jews have already moved to Palestine
(During and After the Holocaust)
Jewish people need their own country
Anti-Semitism still exists in Europe
(Post WW II & Cold War Issues)
Yad Veshem
"Righteous Among the Nations
What country with many honorees surprises you? Why?
What country do you feel should have more? Why?
What country with a few honorees surprises you?
How do you feel about the total number ?
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