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Coarse talk and dirty jokes

No description

Jackie Ng

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Coarse talk and dirty jokes

Jackie and Daniel Coarse talking and Dirty jokes What are those? How do we stop it? Coarse talk is when the talk is very harsh and gross.
Dirty jokes are jokes that are inappropriate and perverted. The Bible says:
1. We should not be tempted by this.

2. Instead of this talking, we should
change the topic and talk about God.

3. We have to be respectful and God tells us we have to be like him. What does the Bible say? We can see this in movies
Some people say this to be funny or irritate people
Some boys in our school say dirty jokes
People can say it after they saw any movies that are bad
Examples in life Have you ever wondered if the jokes and talking can become funny to you and then you start thinking about it, understanding it, and then saying it?

That can happen to you. After you hear it several times, you start to think about it, understand it, and then say it. How does it affect our lives? We have to stop it but how?
We should not hear it anymore
We should avoid it and stay away from it
If your friends say it too much, then we should stop them
If you can't control it, praying and asking God to help you is helpful too Activity Now reflect on you and friends.
Think about these questions:
1. Do I do it too? If so, how do I stop it?
2. Does my friends do it? If so, how do I stop them?
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