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How to start your research

No description

Sarah Maule

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of How to start your research

Lead question Results Further afield Think of all the words related to your subject area, as these will come in useful when you start searching for articles and books. Check the library catalogue (www.catalogue.rave.ac.uk on and off site) with your keywords. How to start your research Variety of material
Full references
Complete bibliography
Experience of focused research
Dissertation subject will be covered in more depth Beginning the search You are welcome to other more specialist libraries for your research. Have a look on the intranet: There will be basic information on what each library specialises in. Check their own websites though. Museums and National libraries Academic institutions Use search 25 to search over 50 libraries at once. Once you have found relevant material use your SCONUL card to visit and view the material.

All information on SCONUL and Search25 is on the intranet. Athens access Your Athens account is the primary way to access our online resources. If you do not already have it email: studyzone@rave.ac.uk There is a page on the intranet with instructions and a presentation to watch once you have activated your account. Once you have done this go to the page "E-resources" which has a list of online resources, which dates are covered and the subject area. Work your way through the list and open relevant resources then use your keywords. Intranet Ravensbourne has a great deal of online resources including subscriptions to; WGSN, Datamonitor, Architectural Review, Box of Broadcasts, The Economist, Broadcast Engineering, International Journal of Design, Material ConneXion, Sound and Sound, Oxford Journals.
Make sure you are looking for a variety of material; books, documentaries, journal articles, exhibitions, newspaper articles. E-books we have will show up in the catalogue and will also appear on the shelves as dvd cases. We have a small team and we encourage you to find information on our intranet pages. We cover topics such as:
referencing guide
SCONUL cards
dissertation support
new items we buy (also found on pinterest.com/ravestudyzone
inter library loans If you cant find the information you need please email: studyzone@rave.ac.uk
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