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Talent Development in Sport

No description

Jason Harding

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Talent Development in Sport

Talent Development in Sport
First Question...
Define talent...

Answers on a 'post-it' note please!
To Conclude...
so what have we learned about Talent Development?
To know key factors in Talent Development in Sport
Learning Outcomes
Identify the key factors in talent development
Provide examples of where the key factors are important in athletes
Assess the effectiveness of Talent Development Factors in Sports performers.

Key Factors

Activity one - groups of five
Please place the following sub-factors for development under the correct category

You have 5 minutes!

Activity two - In your groups
Activity 3 - stand up in your groups please!
Each group is given a single talent development factor...

Using the information below the image, explain how each sub-factor is important to your athlete
You have 4 minutes
Refer to your work throughout the lesson...

Lets attempt to understand the importance of talent development even further...

Somatotype - Body shape/composition

Tangible - Material (e.g. money)

Intangible - moral/emotional

Role ambiguity - Unsure of role
What about this Athlete?
Are these factors affected in any way?
Tell me one thing you've learned or come across about today's lesson topic...

Anything... a word, a sentence, a discovery maybe!
Thank you for having me!
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