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No description

Joanne Hong

on 3 November 2012

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Joanne Hong
Priscilla Chow Location Gulf Coast of Mexico Climate Hot and humid Housing Small huts made with long sapling tree trunks/limbs bent and tied together. Clothing Men wore simple breech cloths and women wore grass skirts. They smeared animal fat and grease were smeared to repel bugs. Also, they had lots of tattoos. Language special language unrelated to any other known language; most were forgotten already. ART Simple pottery, made very bad so it can’t really hold much water and baskets. Weapons and Tools Long bows with long arrows. Tools made of stone/ wood/ seashells/ and cane; used a lot of knives Customs and Traditions Sent smoke signals by making fire.
They were Nomads so they followed where their food went. Food Survived on fishing, some hunting and gathering; they also ate oysters and clams. Long Bow and Knife Ceremonies/ Celebrations Myth says they were cannibals- eating their enemies for food, but actually ate them for special power or blessing.
They had Mitotes for varieties of purposes, each involving different activities, where they danced and drank intoxicated drinks. TX History
Coach Smith
p.3 http://www.texasindians.com/karankf.htm
http://www.thisoldappliance.com/indians.html THE SOURCES Religion The don’t really have a distinguished religion, maybe had multiple ones. Tribal Levels: - The Coco
- Cujanes
- Guapites
- Carancaguases ( the source of the name Karankawa )
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