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Look Up

No description

Sinead Benson

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Look Up

Look Up
The main message Gary is trying to portray is that we spend so much time on our phones and the internet connecting with people through social media while we are connecting less face to face.
The film encourages people to take a break from their online lives and experience real connections.
Emotions, mood, experience
Look Up has many moods and emotions throughout it.
At the beginning it is very confronting and it really makes you realise how much social media can take over your life
The author
Look up was made in 2014 by Gary Turk, who is a 27 year old British writer, director and spoken word performer.
Look Up
Social Media
The main theme within the short film is that we spend way too much time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat.
"Smart Phones and dumb people"
Look Up
5 minute YouTube poem
written and directed by Gary Turk
It shows people stuck to their phones and laptops
A love story unfolds
The poem rhymes at the end of each line
I have 422 friends yet I am
I speak to all of them everyday yet none of them really
know me
The problem I have sits in the space
Looking into their eyes or at a name
on a screen
Sounds and Form
The sounds within the film create a more dramatic effect
Music playing in the background

23 stanzas
four lines each
Look Up
The Poem is creative and the video is very powerful with a strong message.
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