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vocabulary words

vocabulary definations

Itzel Centeno

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of vocabulary words

Double click anywhere & add an idea BIONOMIALS: A polygon with two terms INTERIOR ANGLES: Angles on the inner sides of two
two lines cut by a transversal QUARTILE:3 values one of which is the median that divide a data set into fourth's Coefficient ::the number that is multiplied by the variable in and
algebraic expression. EXPONENT: THE NUMBER THAT INDICATE HOW MANY TIMES THE BASE IS USED AS A FACTOR. IDENTITY PROPERTY: the property that states the same as 0 and any number is that number. MIDPOINT: The point that divides a line segment into 2 congruent line segments. BINOMIAL: A polynomial with two terms. MIDPOINT:the point that has a line in the same direction OUTLIER :It is a value bigger than the other number INTERIOR ANGLES: angles that are in two lines cut in half. EXPONENT:The number that indacates the time it's used. EXPONENT :The number that indicates how much times it is used PROBABILITY:It is a number from zero to one describing what happend. PROBABILTIY: A NUMBER FROM ZERO TO ONE THAT
DISCRIBES HOW LIKELY IN EVENT OCCUR SQUARE ROOT: a divisor of a qulity that when its square gives the answer
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