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The Carnac Stones

No description

Kate Munday

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of The Carnac Stones

Theories of The Carnac Stones

They're alot of different theories on The Carnac Stones.

The Carnac Stones are located on the North-West coastline of France. There are over 3 000 rocks, ranged in rows and other shapes. They're spread 3.5km out of the French Countryside.

The Stones have loads of height difference, ranging from 0.6m high to 4.5m high. The stones weigh up to, 18 150kg.

They were put down into place in between the years, 4500BC and 2000BC.

Map of the Carnac Stones
Where the arrow is pointing is where carnac is, in carnac is where carnac stones are.
The Carnac Stones, By Shanae. G
A theory was that the stones were made to honour people's ancestors.

Another theorie was that the aliens came and built the carnac stones

Also another theorie was that the fighter planes dropped stones and rocks and out them in rows instead of bombs

There has been a myth about the stones for years and years and that was that the wizard Merlin turned them into stones.
Pictures of The Carnac Stones
Physical description
They decided the name Carnac Stones because the stones were placed in Carnac.
How did they build the Carnac Stones?
My Hypothesis
My Hypothesis is that they placed the stones in France because there is a place is Frnace named Carnac, So they could hounour people's ancestors.
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