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No description

Susi Cappello

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of cupcakes

Amber Meyerson & Susi Cappello Problem Statement: The researchers experimented how to find out how the different types of flour affect the density, weight, and height of cupcakes? The Variables Independent - Different Flour Dependent - Density If All Purpose flour is used in the experiment then the cupcake density will decrease because the lightness of the low-protein dough allows the chemicals leavening to quickly produce it even rips in soft texture. Hypothesis Observations All Purpose Flour: 7.2 cm and the height is 3.3 cm Whole Wheat Flour: 6 cm and the height is 3 cm. Rice Flour: 5.2 and the height is 2.5 Cake Flour: 7.5 cm and the height is 3.5 Background Information Baking can be traced back to the ancient times in Egypt. Today there are many different types of cakes that all taste very different and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Cakes need a perfect balance of ingredient's in order to taste good and bake correctly. one the baking has been done cakes can be filled, frosted, glazed, and decorated. baking is a lot like chemistry because the recipe needs to be followed. In cakes, any flour there are ingredients that can be used as tougheners, tenderizers, moisteners, driers, and flavors. Flour makes up the main texture of cakes, even though other ingredients can affect the texture. Using different types of flour can make different types of cakes and they can change the texture and structure of the cake. Experiment Purpose Statement: The researchers will experiment to find out how the different types of flour affect the density, weight, and height of cupcakes. This information teaches bakers which type of flour to chose in order to have the best cupcakes. Materials: In order to do this experiment you will need an oven, cupcake liners, mixing bowls, mixer, All- Purpose flour, Rice flour, Cake flour, and Whole Wheat flour, eggs, vegetable oil, water, sugar, and butter. Procedures: Set the oven at 176.67 degrees Celsius. Then add butter, sugar, water, vegetable oil, and add the different flours in four different mixing bowls, and begin to mix. Above: This picture is showing the different colored
liners. The reason why the scientists put the different
colored liners was because it would be easier to record
the data, and know which cupcake used which flour. Observations:
Analysis / Conclusion: The purpose of this experiment was to find out if the density of cake is affected by different brands of flour. In order to do this experiment, the scientists must get a recipe and change the different types of flour for each trial. The different types of flours which were used throughout this experiment were All-purpose flour, Cake flour, Rice flour, and Whole wheat flour. Each of these flours listed, were used for each trial and then measured the density of each type of cake.
All in all, the data did not support the hypothesis that stated, “If All Purpose flour is used in the experiment then the cupcake density will decrease because the lightness of the low-protein dough allows the chemical leavening agents to quickly produce an even rise and a soft texture.” The data did not support the hypothesis because the density of All-purpose flour increased instead of decreased. The Cupcake Experiment Application: Thank you for your participation! The cupcakes were made out of All-Purpose
flour, Whole Wheat flour, Rice flour, and
Cake flour. The scientists recorded the height,
density, and weight of the cupcakes. However,
the scientists did make some experimental errors,
which may have affected the density, height, and
weight. All in all, this experiment did not support
the hypothesis, maybe due to the experimental
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