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Everything is Flat

No description

Keith Avery

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Everything is Flat

Skeumorphic vs. Flat Skeumorphism mimics the real word- allows
good affordance and takes advantage of real world lessons.
Emphasize simplicity. One page apps are the most popular. Remove all design elements, focus on the application. Create a visual hierarchy that the user can follow.
Users are very distracted, with a low attention span and limited and divided attention.
Emphasize quick wins, no sophisticated desktop-style apps for the iphone, the interface does not support the complexity. Killer Web Apps Flat design is the new hotness. It eschews shiny buttons and beveled edges for clear, bright icons, designed to be touch-friendly. one page app
no design elements
visual hierarchy
be wary of distracted users with low attention span or divided/limited attention
Banking and other enterprise level apps have different needs and requirements than an app someone just buys for the app. The relationship is already there, the app is allowing easier communication.

A consistent API is the key to integrating legacy apps. Enterprise mobile apps Yahoo smushit
EXIF data optimization -remove location and other data which is unneeded on page chrome
iPhone caching has a 25k limit (15k for newer)
cache clears when phone turns off or tabs are all removed
progressive jpgs are back! Slightly smaller, and a better user experience.
jquery mobile - 'data-prefetch', will load the next page when attached to a hyperlink
use analytics to see the real user experience.
3g simulation tools for testing user experience on crappy connections Optimization Designers and developers differ in their development
methodologies. Developers use agile- designers tend to be

* how to work with designers in an agile environment
* different perspectives lead to impedance between the teams.
* two approaches-
* distributed UX - 1 per scrum team
* centralized Ux - 1 UX team
* low fidelity prototypes to develop runway
* incremental/prototypical
* Fast and frequent feedback via rapid code integration Agile Design
* really research things, don't just assume things!
* pre-biased thoughts end up being groupthink
* visual targets
* attract the eye
* look usable
* affordance
* confidence
* don't switch metaphors halfway- if something is useful it is
always useful in the same way
* contact patch- the area of the touch interaction
* 44 points - pretend this never happened
__pressing harder makes bigger contact patches__
* centroid = center of the touch point of the contact patch
* when doing comps for phones, use the NATIVE RESOLUTION not 72dpi How People Hold a Phone
* 22% of apps only opened once
* 65% of apps are only used for one month
* dropoffs between
* awareness -> app store
no one wants the product, strategic fail
* app store -> download
tactical fail, didn't do it right.
* problem or nuisance (user problem or existing app annoyance)
* nuisance apps need to be 10x better than the competitior
* problems are easier to address
* asking people 'would you be disappointed if this app went away'
should result in > 40%
* don't ask for people to do something before you get something
* don't make user work Strategic vs. Tactical Fails EVERYTHING IS FLAT EVERYTHING IS FLAT EVERYTHING IS FLAT
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