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Logan Smith

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of PERSIA

Scotland's PERSIA
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Logan Smith
Kenneth Tuan
Mark Feldhaus
The Scottish Government has a great commitment to increasing sustainable economic growth.
Scotland is historically a Christian country and most of the population consider themselves Christian.`

Christmas and Easter are celebrated in Europe.
Information from the strategic to the operational across the portfolio areas of children, teenager, adult and criminal justice.
If you work in a Local Authority Social Care Team this is for you. It will show how some Councils and Teams are changing their supervision culture and how they have already improved practice. It will allow you to learn from others about what they do. It will also create a discussion about the support managers need locally and nationally around this key issue.
No one should be denied opportunities because of their race, ethnicity, their disability, their gender, their age or religion. This principle underpins all the work of the Scottish Government.
Scotland has had a long history of using the public school system for people to go to schools. It was one of the first countries to develop this system.
Scotland uses a all participate 'all graduate' profession with the GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland) regulating the standards.
All kids have the right to go to school and attend government funded schools.
One of Scotland's oldest artforms is storytelling. It builds a sense of community between the people.
Scotland is known all around the world for it's tradition in dance, but there is a lot more than just kilts that makes it world known.
You are currently listening to the National Anthem for Scotland
The musical heritage in Scotland has distinct traditions of bagpipes, fiddle, accordion and clàrsach (harp) as well as others.
Roy Williamson
Roy Williamson
In use since
“Fhlùir na h-Alba” (Scottish Gaelic)
“Flouer o Scotland” (Scots)
“Flower of Scotland” (English)
Scotland is known for it's unique culture from bag pipes and kilts to it's strong accents within the voices of the citizens and more. Get ready learn about P.E.R.S.I.A for Scotland and get a better understanding about the culture!
The elections for the fourth term
of the Scottish parliament took place on May 5, 2011. The SAP won a majority of the 129 seats and on May 18 Alex Salmond MSP was re-elected First Minister by MSPs.
a. There are nine Cabinet Secretaries (Cabinet Ministers) including the First Minister and 10 Ministers who report to a Cabinet Secretary.
b. Including the Law Officers (Lord Advocate and
Solicitor General for Scotland), this makes a total of 21 Ministers.
Scotland's education system | General Teaching Council for Scotland. (2016). Retrieved from http://www.gtcs.org.uk/TeacherJourney/scotlands-education-system.aspx
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Scotland is one of the most competitive economies in the world.
Brief overview is one of the roles economists face within the Scottish Government.
Islam is the second largest Religion in Scotland
after Christianity. There are mosques (also called Islamic Centres) in all major cities and many large towns from Dumfries to Inverness. The largest of these is the Glasgow Central Mosque.
Presbyterianism was started in Edinburgh Scotland. It is the most prominent church of the protestant faith in Scotland.
I hope you have better under standing for the P.E.R.S.I.A of Scotland. :-)
This is a actual picture of a school in Scotland.
PERSIA stands for
A Artistic
The developed Government for Scotland, has
a range of responsibilities from Health to Justice.
Mr. Waits 8th period
This picture shows Scottish people going to a christian church.
Most citizens in Scotland of all types speak English.
Aberdeen’s Music Hall
These are pounds.
This is the currency used in Scotland.
This is a government building in Scotland for their parliament.
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P Political
E Economic
S Social
I Intellectual
R Religious
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