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Relevance of Music in Brave New World

No description

Emanuel Sahlstrom

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of Relevance of Music in Brave New World

Brave New World Society
Extreme Globalization
Indulging desires
"Everyone belongs to everyone else"
everyone else"
Goal: society run smoothly with little resistance
Application of Music
Step-by-step procedures
Indulging of desires
Sex and violence
"Orgy porgy" "..to beat and beat out the *indefatigable rhythm"
"Impudent strumpet.." "..the **inexorable rhythm beats itself out"
Individuals Music
Sex and violence
Sex and Music
Sex and soma make people "happy"
Alhambra Feely
"soundtrack" "bass"
"..a million sexophones"
"Beating one another in 6/8 time"
Music doesn't convey happiness
What they're doing makes them happy
Desires and consumption
Musical Themes in Brave New World
Emanuel Sahlström
Difference with Real World Music
* persisting tirelessly
** unchanging
"You can't make tragedies without
social instability"
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