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Electronic Components and Symbols

Death by Prezi version of Electronics components symbols and names

Ward Broughton

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of Electronic Components and Symbols

Electronic Components Power Passive Components Some outputs Electronic componets are the what we call devices we use to make a circuit Resistors Diodes Capacitors or or or Switches Push to make Push to break Single pole Single Pole Dual Throw
(SPDT) Dual Pole Single Throw
(DPST) Dual Pole Dual Throw
(DPDT) Single Cell Battery Power terminals (DC) Power Terminals (AC) zener
diode Active components NPN Transistor Thyristor Relay Buzzer Speaker Lamp Bell Coil Resistor Variable
resistor Potentiometer LDR
Light dependant
Resistor Thermistor
Heat dependant
resistor Diode LED
Light Emmiting
Diode Capacitor Polorized (Electrolytic)
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