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Carl Lis

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Lysosomes

The Organelle Trail
The Golgi apparatus is an organelle that's found in most eukaryotic cells (an organism whose cells contain a nucleus and other structures within membranes). The Golgi apparatus packages proteins inside the cell before they're sent to their final destination. It creates lysosomes. It's basically used for the cell's secretion.
our object
The object that we picked to represent lysosomes is a pencil sharpener covered with a Lysol wipe. This is because lysosomes are used to break down old organelles (the pencil sharpener) and destroy engulfed bacteria (the Lysol wipe). We will show our object after this presentation.
Height:1 micron

"Lysosome Larry"
Reward $75,000
Dead Or Alive
Suspect is wanted for breaking down nutrients, food, bacteria, and old organelles
Last known whereabouts: Floating in the cytoplasm
Parent(s): Golgi apparatus
Expert witness: Christian De Duve (Discoverer)

golgi apparatus
the end
Thanks for watching!
I am far, far away.
by John Fillion, Carl Lis, Josh Schmitz, and Lilly Åberg
The purpose of the Lysosome is to break down all of the cell's unwanted matter. This list includes protiens, sugars and other complex molecules. Lysosomes also use their enzymes to destroy outlived organelles, diseases in the cell, and even the cell itself when it dies.
A lysosome looks like a collection of dots in a circular membrane. They have also been said to look like "baggy" cells. Lysosomes also look like little membrane bubbles, and are basically spherical enzyme packages. They are formed by the Golgi apparatus.

The Culprit
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