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Which sugar Grows Crystals Faster

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Jacinta van Buuren

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Which sugar Grows Crystals Faster

Sugar Crystals
Wooden Skewer
2-3 Cups Of 4 Different Types Of Sugar
Clothes Pin
4 Tall Narrow Jars
Metal Skewer
Since I had to cut my experiment short the crystals did not get a proper chance to grow so only two of them developed crystals and those ones are only the size of a couple of sugar grains. So the answer to my question is yes the type of sugar can affect the growth of the crystal and my hypothesis was correct.

Does The Type Of Sugar Affect
The Size Of The Crystals?
If I change the type of sugar I think one kind will harden quicker. I think this will be the brown sugar
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
First thing I did was make sure I had all required items.
I measured 1L of water and boiled it in the kettle then I put it in the saucepan. I boiled the water in the kettle to speed up the process.
When the water was ready I dissolved the sugar putting 1/4 cup in at a time. I put 2 cups 1/4 cups in total.
I repeated step 2 and 3 three more times.
I then poured the boiling water in a bowl to cool for 20min. Then I put in the jar.
I am going to be using Raw sugar, white sugar, brown sugar and caster sugar. I am keeping the amount of water I use the same, the same size jar and the same size skewer. I am measuring the size of each crystal and seeing if the Type of sugar affects the size. I will be giving each crystal 5 days to grow.
The End
Step 6
Step 7
Before putting the skewer in I got a metal skewer and my Mum heated it and melted holes in the lids of the jars big enough for the skewers to fit through. To stop the skewer falling in i used a clothes peg.
I then put the skewer in and waited for end result.
Safety Tips
1 When boiling water do not touch saucepan and watch out for splashes

2 When pouring water pour slowly to avoid spillages and splashes

3 When heating metal skewer only heat tip so you don't burn yourself

4 For the safety of the experiment put it where it wont be disturbed

Things that went wrong :(
1) I was inpatient and instead of letting the mixture cool in the saucepan or bowl i decided it would be a good idea to let it cool in jar and in doing so i cracked the jar
2) I didn't get extra jars
3) I had to cut my experiment short and I also didn't give enough time to grow
Day 1
The skewer's had absorbed the mixture but no crystallization
Day 2
Still no crystallization but skewers have absorbed as much as they can and the water is starting evaporate.
Day 3
Today I can see a couple of sugar grains attaching to the skewer's of the brown sugar and white
Day 4
The two that started crystallizing yesterday have a couple more grains and the other two have no sugar forming.
The Growth Over 4 Days
Everyday Life?
My Experiment can be useful in cooking to see which sugar re-crystallizes better
During my experiment I believe that I set my workspace up well and conducted the experiment well. I found it interesting that the skewers with the darker sugars (brown, raw) had a brown line run down the side I believe this to be where the skewer absorb most of the sugar. I Found burning the holes in the lids of the jars the hardest part. I would try improving the evaporation holes to make it easier for the condensation to get through. I do believe my experiment was designed well because everything worked out. I believe my results were not replicable because once the experiment was done it was done. I think my data was reliable. I had a limitation in time which led to the crystals not forming properly.
My Effort
Effort = 10
Motivation= 9
Interest= 8
Success= 10
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