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The Change to Conformity

No description

Karla Guardado

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of The Change to Conformity

The Change to Conformity By: Karla Guardado, Monica Montiel-Moreno, and Mykayla Richards Daughter Of Invention
Julia Alvarez Bio of Julia Alvarez Alvarez was born in New York City, on March 27, 1950 Her parents are Dominicans and Alvarez was raised in the Dominican Republic
When she was about three months old, her family returned to the Dominican Republic to endure the brutal dictatorship of Trujillo
Her family fled to the U.S. after a failed attempt to overthrow Trujillo Alvarez first became inspired to write, when she came back to America at the age of 10, and was forced to read by her teacher
She became inspired by Walt Whitman's books Bio of Julia Alvarez (cont.) Alvarez graduated from Middlebury College in 1971
She earned her Master's Degree at Syracuse University
She now serves as writer-in-residence at middlebury college Alvarez is married to her husband Bill Eichner since 1989
Started Mariposa Girls Leadership program to give back to Dominican Girls in poverty Synopsis Daughter of Invention, by Julia Alvarez, is about a family who immigrated to America to escape the wretched dictatorship of Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.
Once in America, the family has to learn to adapt to America's cultures while learning how to juggle keeping their Dominican traditions Characters Laura --> Mother
Yolanda => one of the daughter's, main character
Carlos --> father
Three other daughters Daughter of Invention Synopsis Tone Literary Analysis Symbolism Paradoxes Aphorisms "It takes two to tangle,
you know" (900). "There is no use in trying to drink spilt milk" (903). "When in Rome, do
unto the Romans"
(900). "Necessity is the daughter
of invention.' I'll help you."

~Being a real mother
~Patience is virtue "He most honors my style
who learns under it to
destroy the teacher"
~Student reaches the teacher's capability "Sticks and stone don't break bones...by the look on her face it was as if one of those stones the kids had aimed at us had hit her" (900).
~Motherly sacrifice
~Indirect and family discrimination "We wanted to become
Americans and my father--and my mother, at first--would have none of it" (900).

~Keeping traditions
~Fitting-in isn't always easy
~What makes the girls more American than the parents? "Here, we were trying to
fit in America among
Americans; we needed
help figuring out who we
were, why these Irish kids
whose grandparents were micks two generations ago,
why there were calling
us spics" (901-903).

~Sympathetic for parents
~Similar to what the parents may feel coming from the daughters "I never called her Mom except when I wanted
her to feel how much
she had failed us in this
country. She was a good enough Mami, fussing and
scolding and giving advice,
but a terrible girlfriend parent, a real failure of a Mom" (901).

~By inventing the mom was trying to fit in
~Mom don't tend to be most girl's best friend
~A mom can't always be a best friend because best friends don't always give the best advice
~Embarrased of own mother Significance ~Independence and
rebellion against the
norm of female
obedience and
inferiority of Latin
America ~American freedom,
individuality, and
opportunity raises
encouragement ~Assimilate but do not
go mainstream
~Keep in touch with
past and home
roots Mood liberating
and a sense of frustration sarcastic and condescending Examples of Mood: "When I was done, I read over my words, and my eyes filled. I finally sounded like myself in English!" (904). -Yolanda,the main character, struggled to fit into the American norm. By succeeding in finalizing the speech, Alvarez allows the main character to create a mood of liberation. "Why had we come to this country
in the first place? Important, crucial,
final things, you see, and here was
our own mother, who didn't have
a second to help us puzzle any of
this out--" (903). -Yolanda struggles to adapt to life in
U.S., but her mother fails to comfort her through this rough time. Alvarez is able to show this frustration by in the mood by Yolanda's rants. Examples of Tone: "You want to get us killed? Those kids were throwing stones today!" (900). -Alvarez uses sarcasm to
exaggerate the severity of the problem. "I suppose none of her daughters was very encouraging. We resented her spending time on those dumb inventions" (901). -Alvarez contradicts some of issues the girls have with their mother by presenting a condescending tone to the reader. Theme: Conformity can be rebelled against in order to achieve his/her aspirations, such as freedom. Important Events "I never called her Mom except when I wanted her to feel how much she failed us in this country" (901). -The main character, Yolanda, admits that her mom isn't aware of her struggles to adapt to this new environment in the U.S. "I suppose it was bad enough I was rebelling, but here was my mother joining forces with me" (906). -Yolanda's mom supports her actions for the first time, and her mother helps to rally a force against here father. More Important Events "What is wrong? I will tell you what is wrong. [The speech] shows no gratitude. It is boastful. 'I celebrate myself'?---It is insubordinate. It is improper" (905). -Yolanda's father is still haunted by life in the Dominican Republic and is not use to the freedom that the U.S. allows citizens to have. So, he resents Yolanda's "disrespectful" speech. "Necessity is the daughter of invention' I'll help you" (904). -Yolanda's mother helps Yolanda finish the speech and her mother finally helps her cope with adapting to America. Genre: "Daughter Of Invention" is contemporary fiction.
Contemporary fiction is basically writing that is made up and not meant to be truth. Examples of Contemporary Lit Authors:

-Stephen King
-Joyce Carole Oates
-Mark Haddon Works Cited -"About Me." : Author Julia Alvarez. 02 June 2013 <http://www.juliaalvarez.com/about/>.
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http://jasgrace.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/how-to-properly-display-the-u-s-flag/ Contemporary Literature rebelling against conformity
for example: freedom
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