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"Mongolian Pharmaceutical Sector"

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Munkherdene Battur

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of "Mongolian Pharmaceutical Sector"

"Mongolian Pharmaceutical Sector - 2015"
The Health Sector Council, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry History in Mongolia
October 23rd, 1923 - The first state pharmacy was established by the decree of Peoples Revolutionary Government.
Year 1932 - The first western medicine state factory was built.
Year 1990 - 5 pharmaceutical factories were built with the help of Indian concessionary loan
During the centrally planned economy years, the Legal framework for the pharmaceutical supply regulated by the Law of Health Protection, Mongolian People's Republic
The centralized supply system of drug management broke down in connection with the arising Mongolian socio-political situation.
As to the initial state privatization policy of the health care sector, the pharmacies were to be privatized
Year 2012 - Since 1990, the private sector investment increased to build new drug factories.

As of 2012, 34 drug factory were running in Mongolian pharmaceutical industry. 88 percent share were from the private sector.
Year 1923
Year 1932
Year 1990
Year 2012
Year 2015

State policy on drug / 2011, issued in 2014 /
Health Law, Article 12-21
The law of medicine and medical devices / revised 2010 /
The National Health Insurance Law
"Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Control Act circulation / amended in 2011 /
State and local funds, goods and services, the purchase of law
Corporate Licensing Act
Our country joined the narcotic and psychotropic drugs of a number of international conventions
General Requirements for the pharmaceutical industry MNS 5524: 2005, MNS5524: 2011, MNS5524: 2014
For drug procurement organization in general MNS 5530: 2010
Drug fund for general MNS 5260: 2011
Prescription forms, prescribing MNS 5639: 2013
Bio-products for the Fed in general MNS 5260: 2011
Mongolian Government Resolutions
Minister of health
Other legal acts / Standard Insurance /

Pharmaceutical Sector Budget, Mongolia
Healthcare Sector Budget, Billion MNT
Healthcare Sector Budget
/by percentage/
Health Insurance
Healthcare Insurance support /Billion MNT/
Year 1990
Year 2015
5 Drug Manufacturer
40 drug manufacturer
1 drug supplier /MEIC/ with 18 branches
122 drug supplier
80 pharmacies countrywide
1283 pharmacies
Pharmacy Sector Development
Medical Devices
Reagent Kits
Relief medicines and medical appliances
Medicine and Drugs
The role played by the local pharmaceutical manufacturers
Year 2005
Year 2014
Year 2015
34 pharmaceutical manufacturers
- Producing over 270 types of drugs and other items
- Over 1100 workers
- 14 billion MNT sales
Import drug and medicine - 90%
Local producing drug and medicine - 10%
Local producing drug and medicine - 23%
Import drug and medicine - 77%
40 registered factories in 7 districts
GMP qualified pharmaceutical manufacturer in Mongolia:
Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Local manufacturer started to register their medicines
National Essential Medicines
Local manufacturers produce around 14 billion MNT medicines and drugs.
Why Mongolia?
In Mongolia the registration of medicines is regulated by the 22nd article, The law of medicines and medical devices.

Currently, 3574 types of medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials have been registered in the Mongolian Drug Registration.

The registration of medicines in the Mongolian Drug Registration
The countries Mongolia imports medicines and pharmaceutical products
The countries Mongolia imports pharmaceutical raw materials
The number of registered medicines (by countries)
Top 10 importer companies of Mongolia
Over 80 percent of the total import of Mongolia
Date: May 7th, 2015
Mongolian Pharmaceutical Sector-Brief History
Pharmaceutical Sector Budget
The role of local pharmaceutical manufacturers
Why Mongolia?
Pharmaceutical sector, Legal framework and regulation
The Division of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, Ministry of Health and Sport coordinates the pharmaceutical market of Mongolia.

On May 25th 2010 “The new law of medicine and medical devices” which regulates pharmaceutical activities has come into effect.

The main objective of National Drug Policy is continuous and smooth supply the citizens and medical organizations of Mongolia with medicines of high quality and safety.

Price competitiveness compared with the western countries
Geographical Location
API supply
Emerging and young market

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