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Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Feelings

No description

Anna Trevino

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Feelings

Case Study: Miss Jones
Meaning, Uncovering the next layer
Understanding the content of the clients story gives us an outline or picture in our minds of what happened

Emotions add color to the clients story

When we understand a person's meaning system, we grasp how they view the world

Why reflect meaning?
meaning is the background in which the
client's story is projected
inevitably has the effect of getting the client to discuss even deeper issues that those brought in the first version of the story

(Young, 2013)
Focusing summaries
Signal Summaries
Thematic Summaries
Planning Summaries

The Skill of Reflecting Feelings
conveys to your client that you recognize how they are affected by their problems
identifying the clients emotions
a reflection is a helping response that accurately identifies the clients emotions based on their verbal or non-verbal messages
Assertiveness Training
Assertiveness: communication in which one expresses one self in a direct and honest manner in interpersonal relationships while also respecting others.
Cognitive -behavior Therapy
Techniques are role-played with therapist
verbal awareness
non-verbal awareness
Types of Techniques
Broken- Record
By: Stephanie Gines, Howard Monsour, Belen Nunez, & Anna Trevino
Miss Jones:

Emotional Intelligence:
Daniel Goleman
30 year old
African American
8 yr. old daughter, 2 yr. old son
B.S. Accounting
Foster family
Reflecting Feelings
:an awareness by your body of something in it or on it,
:an emotional state or reaction
:thoughts of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble etc.

Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Meaning

Reflecting Skills:Summarizing

The Non-judgemental Listening Cycle
When do you use each skill?
Why is the cycle described as non-judgemental
Questioning cycle typically found early in training

Young, Mark (2012). Learning the Art of Helping, 5th edition, Upper Saddle River: Pearson.

How to identify meaning issues with a client
Reflecting meaning
used to attempt to restate the personal impact and significance of the event client is describing

Using open questions to uncover meaning

www. youtube.com

Klosko, J.S., & Sanderson, W.C. (1999).
Behavioral treatment of depression.
Northvale, NJ: Jason Anderson Inc.

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapie
(2007). What is assertiveness? Retrieved from http://www.abct.org/home/
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Challenging the client to go deeper:The inner circle strategy

Arnold Lazarus

is a person's view of the self, others and the world

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