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3 Little Techniques to Kickstart your Learning!

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Racchit Thapliyal

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of 3 Little Techniques to Kickstart your Learning!

3 Little Techniques to Speed-up your Learning!
Goal: Practice using different ideas helps connect ideas and improve creativity
Use: It helps learn material better because you mix things up
rationale: Ideas take time to cement and there is only so much of one thing you can learn at a time. Plus, subconscious connections are made.
Time to push your learning into Overdrive!
Memorable Images
Goal: Remember Key Ideas!
Use: Use "visual hooks" (funny images) to help remember concepts. Use with repetition to make sure Idea sticks
Rationale: Our minds have enormous visual/spatial abilities that can be tapped for learning

The Pomodoro
Goal: Battle Procrastination!
Use: Short 25 min focused bursts followed by small rewards
Helps get through initial discomfort caused by unsavory activities
Rewards help re-program beliefs and attitudes
How? Example!
learn: Speed = Distance / Time
English: speed is distance over time
Picture: Usain Bolt (speed) running round and round (distance) on top of (over) a clock face (time).
Mix it up!
Combine with pomodoro for short bursts of learning
Follow pomodoro session with small reward
Then interleave with a different concept or different subject
keep mixing it up to keep yourself guessing
Tips & Tweaks!
adjust time as it suits you
use physical or digital pomodoro timer
Use to deal with "frogs" first thing in the morning
remember to reward yourself!
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