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the giver

No description

john charno

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of the giver

THE GIVER the song It's My Life by Bon Jovi relates to the giver the simpsons movie is alot like the giver because they put a dome over the city to keep it perfect and so noone can escape but at the end of the movie Bart and his dad Hommer get rid of the dome like how Jonas and gabe get rid of the dome in the giver the song Paradise city i lik th giver because its about living in a perfect city (the Paradise city) then waning to come hom e but you cant just a connection is homeless people how they are just like gabe and jonas in chapter 21 till the end of the book when they are runnning away and they dont have a home and they dont think they have much hope of finding one either like homeless people but they always have just enough hope to get them through anouther connection for chapter 21 till the end of the book when Jonas and Gabe are running away Jonas is like a parent doing anything to protect his son just a connection a connection for chapter 23 when Jonas and gabe are getting to the other community it is like the stoy of Christ. it is on Christmas the day Christ was born but the only difference is that the angel that brought Christ was named Gabe but in this case Gabe would be Christ this picture represents the apple in chapter 3 when it changes from the dull in to red this video just represents the book it shows everything that happens and it shows it in grey kinds like how everything is in the giver this elephant is the elephant that jonas sees getting upset because the other elephant got killed so it represents that the lyrics '' we're not gonna take it no, we aint gonna take it oh we're not gonna take it anymore'' i think shows how Jonas was thinking in chapter 21 when he was thinking that him and Gabe have to get out of there ''Its a nice day for a white wedding. It's a nice day to start again'' reminds me of chapter
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