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The Monkeys Paw

By Davis Isherwood

davis isherwood

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Monkeys Paw

The Monkeys Claw Theme Don't Tempt fate Plot Diagram seargeant major morris is at the Whites house and tells them of the monkeys paw. He tells them of its wicked power and that it is cursed but Mr. white still takes the monkeys paw because of his extreme curiosity. Mr. white(after Herbert(his son)persuaded him to do so) wished for 200 pounds. After he did so he recieved the 200 puinds but in return his son (coincidently) was killed by machinery. After Herbert dies Mrs White demands that her husband wishes for him back When There is knocking on the door and they suspect that it is Herbert, the knocking gets louder and the she opens the door At the same time the husband grabs the claw and wishes his son away because he did not want to see his sons mutilated body it ends, no real resolution Setting This story takes place on a wet, cold, stormy night in a house in Great Britain This story was told in 3rd person Limited Omniscient CONFLICT Man vs Supernatural
When there is knocking on the door and it was herbert Man vs himself
Mr.white had to decide weather or not he was going to wish back his son or not Characters Mr.White - a respected man who is also curious.
Mrs. White-a nice lady who really wants her son back
Herbert-a snippy young adult with a great atitude who is curious like his father.
Sergeant Major Morris
A shady fellow who we do not know much about, also he warns the whites's about the terrible side effects of the claw.
"never mind dear,"said the wife soothingly.
This tells us that Mrs.White is calm and sweet.
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