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No description

Haley Smallwood

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of ORIGAMI

The history of ORIGAMI!!! What is the meaning of the word "Origami?" Origami is a form of sculptural representation that is defined by the folding of paper. With japanese origin, "Ori" means to fold and "Kami" means paper. So the word "Origami" means the folding of paper. People did not originally think of origami as paper folding but as paper certificates.

. What did the Japanese use Origami for? What is the most popular Origami piece to be made and what does it mean? Origami was used as an ancient custom of folding certain special documents to prevent unauthorized copies from being made. Also it was used as a formal practical purposes and for folding letters and other paper items. Japanese sometimes exchanged origami as gifts. Now it is mainly used for recreational purposes. The most popular piece of origami to be made is the crane. The crane is a symbol of honor and loyalty. The bird also means strong, graceful, and beautiful. This piece is can be seen in many japanese restaurants and other common places. It is also the theme of many works of art. Other popular pieces include... star box
square box
boat Crane
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