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Teaching Referencing as Educative Response (BALEAP 2013)

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Jane Blackwell

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Referencing as Educative Response (BALEAP 2013)

What about the non compliant student? Teaching Referencing as an ‘Educative Response’
to Plagiarism Jane Blackwell
Queen Mary, University of London
Institute of Education, University of London
j.blackwell@ioe.ac.uk Armstrong, J.D. 1993. Plagiarism: What Is It, Whom Does It Offend, and How Does One Deal with It? American journal of roentgenology. 1993;161:479-484

Hendricks, Monica and Quinn, Lynn (2000) 'Teaching Referencing as an Introduction to Epistemological Empowerment', Teaching in Higher Education, 5: 4, 447 — 457

Sutherland-Smith, W. 2010. 'Retribution, deterrence and reform: the dilemmas of plagiarism management in universities', Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 32:1 5-16 Essay title: Why is it important for university students to avoid plagiarism in their writing? The Task References The Student Response Most students attempted the task and the essay with varying degrees of success. Students read the articles and answered the questions in a series of steps, leading up to writing their own essay.
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