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Final Story Project by: Isabel Torres

No description

Isabel Torres

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Final Story Project by: Isabel Torres

My Career Pathway
Grew up in Ocoee, Florida
Went to Ocoee High School & graduated in Honors.
Transferred to Valencia Community College
Went for 2 years then transferred to UCF & got my Bachelor's in Education.
Understanding how to teach young minds
Teacher Workshop
Applied bilingual school & got the job
How I Paid For School
Parents Helped out first year
Job paid 2nd year at Valencia
got student loan
Better alternative are
About Being a Teacher
Elementary school teachers work with children ages 5 to 13
Most do K-5th grade
teach broad range of subjects like reading, math, geography, and science
elementary teachers are key to the develpoment of young minds
Role models
Helpful Hints
Talk to your teachers
mak sure this is what you want.
I interviewed a new teacher when I was in my SLS class.
She told me not to get frustrated with the students & that everyone learns differently, so to try to work one-on-one.
My Purpose
I always knew my purpose was to help children in learning new skills and teqniques that will help them in their future. I love children and I am fascinated by the way they learn and apply their experiences to their work. I want to be a role model for them so and teach them how to be smart respectful people in society.
My Background
My name is Isabel Torres.
I am third grade teacher at Tildenville Elementary.
I have been teaching for 4 years.
I love my job!

Audience: High school students interested in being educators.
Setting: School class room
Helping Minds Develop
Thank you :)
SLS: Final Story Project
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