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Kloe Conway, A2 Media Evaluation

by Kloé Conway

Kloé Conway

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Kloe Conway, A2 Media Evaluation

Extended Trailers; Teaser Trailers; Trailer Types; Trailers, from Youtube

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Extended trailers are normally for use on TV, and shown
up to a week before the film's release date. Depending on how big the film is this can change.
This type of trailer is between the ranges of 1:30 - 2:00 minutes long. Although Extended trailer's for internet use are significantly longer.
Such networking sites as 'Youtube' are in popular demand when it comes to showing the latest films trailers with clips lasting up to 5 minutes, that have been specially made for the distributer by the film company. Teaser Trailers are usually distributed through TV and Internet
being shared Virally from word of mouth of over advertisment.
Bigger named films and franchises release many different 'teaser' trailers to gain there audiences attention.
Lasting little to no time at all. Normally under 1minute and never really exceeding 1:30.
A teaser trailer is made purely to 'tease' the audience. These can be released sometimes 4/6 months before the film even comes out. Most of the time this wil be the main form of advertising in the first few months. Posters follow after when the film has built more of an audience and nearer to the release date of the film. Inspirations The main inspiration for my production was the book
'Shiver' by Maggie Stiefvater My Trailers A story not unlike romeo and juliet
with two opposing entities. One being a 'werewolf' the other a human. A difficult yet compelling love story
this is a gripping teen novel for fans of the
like of 'Twilight' and 'The Vampire Diaries' only taking it away from the current pop culture and focusing on 'werewolves' rather
than blood suckers! Whenever i listened to this song, 'Crystalised'
by The XX, the screenplay just fell into
place around it. It's such and enigmatic
and atmospheric song.
It's perfect! Question 1; In what ways does your media product use,
develop or challenge forms and conventions
of real media products? Apart from the massive lack of bedget that 'real media products have
i'd say my film is quite a typical viral product. Sticking to the conventions of the narrative was the key point for my product, trying to stick to a maximum of 20 seconds for a teaser trailer.
In the development stages i'd say my product was very generic in the way i dreamt up all these cool shots to use and funky additions, but it wasn't necessary. The base of the story is so simple and alluring that really i had to simplify everything to make it more confusing for the audience.
I stuck to every convention running, when it came to this i wanted a very generic looking trailer that elluded the audience. The only convention i'd say i broke is that it's pure soundtrack, there is no narrating and the TV trailer has no text it's pure quess work for the market which i love. They have to work everything out for themselves. Question 2; How effective is the combinationof your
main product and ancillary texts? Along with creating two teaser trailers for different addvertising placement i also created a poster and film specialist magazine cover. They all have different looks and feels as i wanted each to be unique and completly not work together. This is a plan in trageting a wider market.
My trailers, the viral one ideally going up on 'YouTube' and then passed around social networking sites. The TV one being a very confusing experience making people question if what they just watched was in fact a trailer.
Poster campaign wise, i didnt want an average mainstream blockbuster style poster. I took using my photography skills a portrait of Ben Cawdron, who plays 'Sam' in the trailer and mixed it up a bit. End product resulting in what some could believe to be a photography students end piece, except from the small text at the bottom.
The whole point of creating this 'product' to me was to make the audience question modern day reality.We had such hits as 'Blair Witch Project' that took this idea of pushing reality so far people started to question how they percieve the way they go about their life.
I didnt want to take it quite that far, i just wanted to push the boundies a little. I think my poster works well with both trailers as you wouldnt necessarily put them together, so this helps aid the audience question it.
The front cover of the magazine i wanted focus draw away from the feature but onto me. I like this focusing away from the feature because it keeps things a bit 'wild'! The cover story being about new talent, directorial wise i wanted the cover to be me, to show a difference when it comes to advertsing. Question 3; What have you learned from your audience feedback? Looking back at the feedback, i didnt really get any negative feedback. Which impressed me greatly as i have little self confidence when it comes to showing people my work!
The main feedback i got from most people was about the use of colour in the scenes and the editing. I've learned not to doubt my skill so much but also not to take for granted the technical support i recieved.
The one thing everyone one said to me about the trailer that i showed them was how they wanted it to continue, or explain a little more. It left everyone confused! Which i loved, this was exactly what i was hoping for. So Brilliant.
Overall I've learned from my feedback that my skills in filming have definatly improved in the past few months and that working on my own has made me work so much harder and more focused. I've grown up as a producer when it comes to this production. Question 4; How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I'm going to tackle this question in 4 stages and talk seperatly about each technique.
Firstly when it came to construction how to make my production i did alot of internet based research on literature adaptations. Also the use of internet streaming to watch clips from old films helped alot in this stage as it gave hope to new ideas.
When it came to research i did everything from reading old gothic horror books to watching 'retro' pop culture classics such as 'Teen Wolf'. As well as researching into the style of these productions i spent alot of time looking up old mythologies about the birth of the 'werewolf' legends. This then led into looking up folkoric tales and other horror favourites such as 'vampires' which is all fashionable at the present.
Planning the over all concept of the production i didnt really work or rely on anything in a media form. I settled myself down and put pen to paper as i already had a clear vison of the path i wanted my production to take.
Finally, the evaluation stage again wasnt heavily led by media technologies, except of course for that fact that the evaluation is internet based and on a social site, which is refreshingly postmodern. Poster and Magazine Cover
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