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Buddhism: Then and Now

No description

Brett Fouss

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Buddhism: Then and Now

Buddhism then and now What is Buddhism? religion philosophy path to enlightenment Four Noble Truths Eight-Fold Path Five Precepts Life = Suffering first
second Suffering = Greed third Greed = Useless fourth
Happiness = Eight-Fold Path Karma View
Intention Speech Action Livelihood Effort Mindfulness Concentration I will not... Kill Steal Commit adultery Lie Drink Alcohol Actions have consequences! Why? Brief History Siddartha Gautama Buddha "the
one" The origin of Buddhism nirvana Brett Fouss
presents... Buddhism then... Buddhism now? Richard Gere George Lucas Uma Thurman Phil Jackson Tina Turnur Mark Wahlberg Orlando Bloom Alanis Morrisette Bruce Lee David Bowie Herbie Hancock Keanu Reeves William Hung Jet Li Tiger Woods 2007 Income: 111,000,000 wha awtsags awrawr dasdasd ARE YOU FREAKING KiDDING ME? YOu sound like a Catholic!
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