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preyanga siva

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Feminism

Feminism: Is it Necessary?
Feminism vs. Media
What is Feminism?
"Feminism is the belief that all people are entitled to the same civil rights and liberties and can be intellectual equals regardless of gender. "(Cambridge Dictionary, 2013).
Feminism is necessary because of harsh and unrealistic expectations, media portrayal and male dominance throughout society.
“'Sex' doesn't sell. Erosion of female self esteem does. The feeling of superiority over women does. Turning women into 'things' to be studied, scrutinized & judged and then calling it 'sex' does. Sex doesn’t sell. Objectification does” (Sadiqa Thornton, 2013)
"If she were to ever assume the role of the hero who the story solely revolves around (without a love interest) she would be considered masculine and not the typical female that men would be attracted to" (Pahle, 2013)
"Most societies do a greater disservice to girls, because they raise them to cater to the fragile egos of men" (Paige Downton, 2012)
"In one experiment, mothers were asked to guess the steepness of a carpeted slope that their 11-month olds would be able to crawl. Then the children actually crawled the slope, and the difference between actual and mother-predicted angles was noted.

The results showed that both boys and girls were able to crawl the same degree of incline. However, the predictions of the mothers were correct within one degree for the boys and underestimated their daughter’s ability by nine degrees.

What this shows is that the presumption that boys are more physical causes parents to encourage their boys more in physical activities while cautioning their girls. This further translates into providing more opportunities for boys to be physical and fewer for girls. The result?

Boys actually do develop stronger physical skills than girls. But not because of anything innate or biological, but rather because of the gender roles that the parents subconsciously projected onto their babies." (Gender Bias in Mothers’ Expectations about Infant Crawling, 2013)
Glass Ceiling
Invisible but real barrier through which the next stage or level of advancement can be seen, but cannot be reached by a section of qualified and deserving employees. Such barriers exist due to implicit prejudice on the basis of age, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, and/or sex. Although illegal, such practices are prevalent in most countries (Business Dictionary, 2010)

I assumed that it was males who chose the 'it doesn't affect me' option because its easy to ignore sexism when it works in your favour.
“the decision of never getting an abortion and being a feminist is a personal one, but who are you to actively work at taking away another woman’s right to make their own personal decision about their uteruses?”(Morrissey, 2013)
Do Gender Roles Hurt Males?
We need feminism because women are taught to not get raped, instead of men being taught not to rape.
Deborah Tannen: Language and Gender
Do Men & Women Communicate Differently?
Recommendations/ Reminders
1. Showing emotions does not make you weak
2. Remind any kids you know that they're equally important and can achieve anything no matter their gender.
3. Remind yourself of that too
4. Women are not body parts, we are much more than that.
5. No one ever asks to get raped
Discussion Questions
1. If feminists want equality, does that mean its cool if men hit women?
2. Why can we buy magazines with naked girls @ our local 7-11, but cant walk around topless?
"Feminism is not a competition, it is merely humanism" (Rodart, 2013)
Preyanga Siva
April 27th 2015

Survey Conclusions
Over the years, I've been exploring the world of feminism, it has led me to become a feminist myself, who is a person who believes in the equality of the sexes.
I personally think that humans are capable of much more than their gender prescribes them to be.
The conclusions that can be drawn from my survey are that I believe in the equality of the sexes and I do not encourage either gender roles or gender bias.
Feminist Theory
In this school of thought, its main belief is that social conflict is created by inequality, which relates to issues of gender roles.

Feminist theories propose that our social value system favour men and excludes women, which leads each sex to struggle for power.

Specifically, “female teens may face barriers to pursuing their chosen career paths” as a result.

Feminism strives to bring the issues of inequality among the sexes to light so that they may be addressed in hopes of establishing the balance that should exist in all civil societies.

Basic Feminist Ideas
The five most basic principles feminists agree on include:
Working to increase equality, through action and not just talk.

Expanding human choice, if a woman wants to be a mechanic, she should have every right and opportunity to do so.

Eliminating gender stratification, proposes that laws and cultural norms that limit the income, educational and job opportunities for women should be opposed.

The final two principles are fairly straightforward: ending sexual violence and promotion sexual freedom – that women should have control over their sexuality and reproduction.


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