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Discrimination In The Workplace - Co-op, Unit 6

A summary of four different types of discrimination at a workplace.

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Discrimination In The Workplace - Co-op, Unit 6

Pregnancy = Lost time/work = Wasted Money
"The Pay Gap" Why Does It Happen? Women are too emotional
Women are more dedicated to their families
Some men simply don't think that women are equals What Is Being Done? Canadian Human Rights Act
Remedial-type punishments
The Fair Pay Act What is Ageism? According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, ageism "refers to two concepts: a socially constructed way of thinking about older persons based on negative attitudes and stereotypes about aging and a tendency to structure society based on an assumption that everyone is young, thereby failing to respond appropriately to the real needs of older persons." Who suffers from ageism? Everyone can be discriminated because of their age but the age group it comes more frequent to are young people who are entering the workplace or those who are older than the average worker over the age of around 60 or 70 years old. How important is this? Although you might not think this is relevant, the chance of being discriminated because of your age is just as possible as being discriminated for your race, gender, and disability. Ageism In The Workplace The Facts Research by Fox News reports that "one-third of workers believe that older employees are less likely to be promoted."
Employees of all ages who perceived an age bias were less engaged in their work than those who did not perceive such discrimination.
There has been a rise in age-related discrimination claims filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and this continues to grow.
It is illegal to discriminate based on a person's age.
By 2018, the number of employees over 55 will reach 39 million.
Younger workers are frequently criticized for their inexperience and are deemed a "risk".
Young people are just as discriminated in the workplace as much as those over 50 years old. Reasons for discrimination
against older workers Slower to learn new concepts. Slow to change.Years of highly developed opinions; unwillingness to hear new ideas.Expensive. They demand higher wages.Poor investment because they won’t be staying with the company for long enough to get a return on investment with their training.Physically slow moving. Low energy. Unable to sustain long hours if required. Reasons for discrimination against younger workers Inexperienced and lazy
Young people are stereotyped as emotional, reckless and not willing to follow instructions
Won't work as hard as those who are older and have a position at the workplace Help and Prevention What is being done? "The Ontario Human Rights Code prohibits age discrimination in: employment, housing accommodation, goods, services and facilities, contracts and membership in trade and vocational associations." There are laws and restrictions put on employers so that employees will be hired based on their job performance rather than their age. What can I do? Being discriminated for your age should not be tolerated and students have many resources they can go. You can: If you are already employed and you feel that you are being discriminated, you can: If you are applying for a job in the workplace, try to:
Craft your application so that it doesn't put so much importance on your age
Convey confidence. Just because you are young, it does not mean that you can be a great employee.
Show off your skills. Prove that being a young person can have it's perks and prove that you can keep up with everyone else. File a report or complaint
Tell an adult that you trust about the issue Talk to your supervisor
Try to include yourself in workplace activities and events
Show that you are more than your age. Remember, age ain't nothing but a number!
Tell an adult that you trust! The most important fact that researchers have found is that there is "no relationship between age and job performance." Visual Minorities EMPLOYERS ex. Not hiring because of race EMPLOYEES ex. Co-worker harassment RANK ex. Not given promotion because of race Physical Mental Developmental ex. Down Syndrome
Mental ex. depression temporary
visual impairment ex. Colour Blindness
Hearing impairment ex. hearing loss
Mobility ex. being in a wheelchair How can we all deal
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