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Adult Development and Life Assessment: An Overview

The Prezi is a short "video" of the foundation of the Adult Development and Life Assessment Course with a short section under each week describing the corresponding objectives.

Dana Boyd

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Adult Development and Life Assessment: An Overview

Foundation Drive Week One Week Two Week Five Core Ask questions.

Always turn in your work, better late than never.

Use Ashford Cafe to share ideas with peers. Academic
Integrity Never give up.

Ask for help.

There is a solution to every problem. Adult Development
and Life Assessment
Identify Gardner’s Intelligences as they relate
to the adult learner.
Illustrate the benefit of life experiences for
the adult learner.
Summarize the role of negative and positive
influences in creating a successful life stage.
Assess academic integrity and ethical
Apply the ecological theory to the adult
Describe the Nature vs. Nurture theory.
Assess Holland’s personality traits and how
they relate to career selection.
Examine how career satisfaction affects self
Construct effective solutions for an academic
dishonesty scenario.

Explain the Late Adulthood stage of
Identify a personal perspective on the aging
Relate professional and academic goals to the
aging process.
Identify adult development theories and how
they are applied. Ethical
Behavior Week Three
Identify how physical and mental health affects adult
Explain how activity, nutrition, and stress affect adults.
Identify ways to reduce stress.
Assess morality and values, in academic writing.
Identify the importance of academic integrity. Week Four
Identify strengths and weaknesses of cognitive abilities in the adult learner.
Explain the personality traits which referred to as the “Big Five” by
Examine how the different personality traits affect relationships.
Reflect on the decisions of others regarding Recycling Assignments. An Overview
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