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8 Technology graphics- logo


mia kinmond

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of 8 Technology graphics- logo

Mia Kinmond Technology In graphics this term we are making a swing tag logo of our choice this logo has to be a for a clothing brand.The next task we are going to be doing a folio on prezi.i have never used prezi before so this is going to be kinda hard. DESIGN BRIEF The thing that will limit in this project is the amount of time that we have to do it because i have not experienced this prezi website before so i would want as much time as i could but we have to do it by week 9 so i might have trouble doing it by then. Designing a logo that i like that can take time aswell.There are always distractions in class so that will always take my time up and sometimes the internet could go slow. Design Limitations The things that will make my graphics image
successful is if i try very hard and do
the write colours and make it look good
and understanding. i have to make
everything actually have something
to do with eachother. Criteria for success MEEA gLaMsGiRlS 4 Leaf Meermia
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