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Life Everlasting

No description

Ginger Steven Pie

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Life Everlasting

Sacredness of All Life
Live Life
What can we do?
Creation is Good
What the scripture is about?
Life Everlasting
By: Jadyn Herperger 8G
Life Everlasting
Life Everlasting describes how even after we die we will live a life with God forever in heaven. We gain life everlasting when we do what God has wanted and planned for us. We are responsible for the protection of life. Nothing breaks the bond between us and the creator. God created everything from the plants and the trees to the birds and the bees. So life is not our belonging, but it is what we are entrusted to care for. All life is valuable people, places, and things. We are all connected as brothers and sisters. He asks us to do as he does by living with others in a respectful manner. Without God nothing would.
Life is one of the most sacred gifts of all time. Every creation is a precious gift from God full of greatness. God gave us the chance to live so we could live it to the fullest. He gave us the opportunity to sense the beauty of the world around us. He offers everything to us. Our entire lives revolve around God and what he made. Everything around us that we see, hear, feel all remind us that God is with us. We need to thank him for the chance to interact with the whole world. He took the time to make us and in return we must give, not take.
We need to live our lives to the fullest and cherish the memories we make. God ask us to live our lives in harmony and peace with one another and himself. We help them as they help us. Whether that's nature, animals or other humans around us. Jesus asks us to lived peacefully with one another. Peace is not the absence of fighting its the presence. He wants us to be calm so we don't have room to feel hatred and discouragement. However, this peace with others and ourselves relies on forgiveness. We must act not react. Through hard times when you feel as though darkness has overcome you Jesus is there to help. He offers the gift of inner peace to help make the world a better place. To live we put all our trust in God and show faith towards him. When we do this we have God with us through everything. It helps us live a great life with everything around us.
John 6:40 - And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.

God doesn't expect us to change the whole world, but he does expect us to help. Everything we do helps. Whether that's through actions or words. Some things we can do to make the world a better place include environmentally helping, by gathering garbage, conserving water, recycling. These small things make huge differences globally, but there are still more ways to make the world a better place. Being kind, saying please and thank you, acts of service, respect. These are just a few of the many ways we can help and become stewards of our earth. God provides us with everlasting life when we are following him spiritually and with our actions. Everything we do in the name of justice helps justice grow. The same with selfishness and greed. I decided a small deed I would like to begin to carry out is A little leaven leavens the whole lump."-Stand by me 8
This bible verse shows how much trust and faith he has in us as humans to make this world an amazing place. He gave up his only son to us and relied on us to be good people and help him. The way to help and repay him was through praise, trust, and faithfulness. He knew this would help people believe in God and would help Jesus live spiritually forever, just as we shall. God truly believes in the golden rule because this is how he acts. We believe and support God and in return are re payed with the opportunity to live a life forever with him. Even after we die always spiritually in heaven. That may seem like an odd gift but life is the most precious offering we will ever receive. We get the chance to have it forever.
All creation is good because it was made by God. God is the most beloved father and teacher anyone could ever receive. He created everything from the very beginning of time. In genesis God creates everything beginning with day. He moves forward, creates plants, animals, humans and after he is complete he looks down and sees it is good. Good is one of the simplest words ever but can be turn into so much more. He knew it was great and wanted everyone to know. Some things in life you may see as scary or bad but without them we wouldn't be here today. Every single part of our world, from the tiny phytoplankton in the sea to the mountains as high as can be, are important. Everything/everyone works together as one. To live a life of grace and humility in harmony.
One of the worst causes that has created uprisings all over the world is equality. The golden rule states we must treat others as we want to be treated. This has become one of the hardest for us to follow. People all over the world are treated wrongly. Some of the most ignorant reasons are made just to cause harm to them. Women all around the world are treated like slaves, some children don't get the opportunity to have an education. Racial, cultural discrimination causing uprisings and violent protests. This was never God's plan yet we choose to take this path. This is one of the most difficult situations for us to support. We can raise awareness for the cause, protest for the rights, donate to charities. This year one of the ways I believe I would like to take action in helping this cause is by creating signs and letting people know about the abusive violence in almost every country. I want to show respect and treat others fairly in my community and home. I deserve to live in a world of peace and so do you. Before anyone acts they need to think and overlook the situation.
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