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Personal Project: Creating/Recording A Song

No description

Ben Abid

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Personal Project: Creating/Recording A Song

PERSONAL PROJECT Creating/Recording a Song WHAT HAVE I DONE SO FAR? I have written the song.
I have taught it to my bandmates.
We have practiced it several times and now it is solid enough that we will soon be able to record it.
I recorded the guitar rhythm part and put it online so my bandmates can practice it at home. You can hear it here --> http://soundcloud.com/virgooo/euthanasia-rhythm-only I have set up a recording space, with the mixer, mics, and laptop.
We have recorded a song with the set up, which you can hear here http://soundcloud.com/virgooo/virgo-sway-mood-swings
This is sort of a test before we record my song. I have found and documented 20 sources.
These help me a lot in creating the song and recording the song. Here are a few of my video sources. In this video a musician explains how he recorded his guitar parts through his digitech rp1000. This is relevant to me because I use a digitech rp1000 and I will be recording some of my parts with it. Billy Corgan tells how he goes about creating songs. This influences me in my songwriting quite a bit. Even though it is short he summarizes his thoughts in a great way. What do I plan to do in the near future? * I will teach my song to my band. (already started)
* I will record the song.
* I will begin the essay. The recording
area This video gives a lesson on how to add effects to a channel in FL Studio. I will use this to put reverb on vocals and whatever other effects seem like they’re needed. What do I want my finished product to be like?
* A song completely by me.
*Must be at least 4 minutes long
* Must be a good song, that the majority of people will like, and it must be clear that I put effort into it.
The song The recording * Must be a high quality recording (like something you would hear on the radio).
* Must be recorded using professional mics and methods.
* Must be uploaded to bandcamp, youtube, and soundcloud. THANKS FOR LISTENING :D
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