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Copy of shape island lab answers

life science

Emily Seymore

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of shape island lab answers

shape island
lab answers 1. Cycloplast
quadantennae 2. Cycloplast
biantennae 3. Quadankyloplast
monoantennae 4. Quadankyloplast
bipod 5. Triakylosplast
triantennae 6. Cycloplast
stoma 7. triankylosplast
stoma 8. Quadankylosplast
periantennae 9. Cycloplast
monopod 10. triankylosplast
uromonopod 11. triankylos
macroplast 12. Quadankylos
microplast 13. Cycloplast
1. no; 5 species have
round faces
and no nose Analyze the results 2. all have shapes
and 2 eyes
same color
are animals
are living organisms 3. answers may vary
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