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No description

Han Sol

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of K-Pop

What does K-Pop stand for? Kpop is shortened for "Korean Popular Music." Bias -> a member of a group who is your favourite
-> 2 types: ultimate bias and group bias
-> comes from "having a bias towards a particular person." Maknae ->youngest members of bands or groups
-> Pronounced - Ma-nae (silent K)
-> cute,sometimes shy and quiet, but also loud
-> S.M's Maknaes are known to be evil
-> rest of their group looks after them
-> very popular among fans Aegyo -> from the Chinese characters "love (ae)" and "beautiful (gyo)."
-> translation of aegyo "winsome,"
-> sweetness, cuteness, poutiness
-> act of people Rooky -> new Group or Artist with no or a few experiences List of known and popular Rookies:
Nu'est The Big Three -> Top three agencies S.M Entertainment JYP Entertainment YG Entertainment K.Will Please Don't Nu'est Face B.A.P One Shot Let's listen to some... Roles within a group Leader -> representive of group
-> usually the oldest
-> "leads" group in shows or things Vocalist -> lead and main
-> in charge of sung parts Dancer -> have dancing experiences
-> usually dance in the middle
-> over-take solo dancing parts Rapper -> obviously rap
-> can also sing Visualist -> appear most in Music Videos
-> usually have this arrogant look
-> promote the Band the most He isn't even korean. - arised at the end of the 18th century
- probably based on the japanese music culture
- weren’t allowed to express themselves in their songs etc.
- concerts of artists from the US in Korea around 1950 inspiration for the following idols
-> boy- and girlgroups mostly for looks
- Teuroteu, one of the oldest styles (1910), made for the older population
- 1960: many breakthroughs of writers through the final expression in their songs
- 1992: foundation of the group “Seo Taiji and Boys” -> introducing genres like “Pop”, “Techno”
etc. History Solo artists Psy
Jay Park
etc. Let's play a game! Male or Female? A few words your should know... ...Oppa -> name for your beloved Bias/male idols.
-> used by girls to adress their older brother/family member
-> also used for boyfriend ...Noona -> used by boys to adress their older sister/female family member ...Hyung -> used by males to adress their older brother/friend/family member ...Sunbae -> senior
-> someone with more experience in a specific field ...Debut -> first work in that business of a Rookie
-> such as Music Video, first Album (mini Album)
-> first Performance ...Comeback -> the "coming back" with a new style/album of a band We finally did it ^^ Ren (Choi Minki) from Nu'est Male Female Amber Josephine Liu (on the left) from F(x) Female Sunny(Lee Sunkyu) from Girl's Generation Male Taemin(Lee Taemin) SHINee oppar is prettier than u
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