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Advance Reader

Read Faster Read Better Read More

Norman Zheng

on 8 April 2012

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Transcript of Advance Reader

Read Faster Read Better Read More! ADVANCE READER About Us "We seek to equip people with speed reading skills, empower their education and help them rediscover the joy of reading." Imagine Reading 2 to 3 times Faster! Enjoy Reading Again Change The Way You Read "Yes, we are obsess about reading and so will you." When you complete Your Reading Education with us. Master Advance Reading Skills
Improve your Reading Speed
Increase your Reading Comprehension
Learn to Read Word Groups
Learn to Read for Content What we can do? Did you know? less than 15% of books sold were read past the first chapter ...the average reading speed is about 150 to 300 words per min. ...even less are read finished Our Idols E=mc2
Nuff said. President John F. Kennedy. claimed to read at 1200 words per minute ...most of us are still using reading skills that were first taught to us when we first learn to decode and recognize words. Bad reading habits also causes low reading speed. while low reading speed reduces reading comprehension Getting More Out of your Time Spent Reading. Teach at your School (Singapore Only) Teach at your Work Place For more information on classes, please click http://www.advreader.com/classes.html Download free eBook at: http://www.advreader.com/ebook.html www.advreader.com Read at the speed of thought
Improve your Reading Comprehension
Finish your reading requirements in less time
Learn how to present your ideas
How to do research for your project papers
Improve your productivity We also conduct Public Classes
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