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Persuasive Paragraph with Power Words

We will create persuasive paragraphs that have 3 main reasons while using 2-5 power words to persuade our reader

Kristen Sawyer

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Paragraph with Power Words

Clear Reasons + Facts + Power Words=Persuasion Power Words in Persuasive Writing POWER Words What does the word "Power" mean? Power Words, then, are words that are very powerful in your writing. With persuasive writing, we need powerful words so we can persuade our reader! Unquestionable Our task today: We will write a paragraph persuading a certain reader to do something we want by using 3 clear reasons and at least 2 power words! What does power look like, sound like, feel like? Who has POWER in today's society? Tremendous Undoubtedly Exquisite Outrageous Splendid Glorious Amazing Phenomenal Dazzling Appealing Worthwhile Exceptional Tantalizing Memorable Generous Comforting ANY MORE? Pass out the graphic organizers and explain Your 5 Options for your Persuasive Writing: 1. Persuade Mr. Best to let all of the school drinking fountains have fruit punch instead of water 2. Persuade Ms. Maria to serve homemade tamales and enchiladas during the week for lunch 3. Persuade One Direction to come to Pioneer for a special show when they are in Phoenix Options Continued... 4. Persuade Michael Jordan to come give a Pep Talk to Pioneer's basketball teams 5. Persuade Mr. Boyle to allow students' pets into the classroom during school QUESTIONS? Our Own Power Words Incredible! Rubric: 30 points total You will be graded on:

(5) Use of at least 2 power words
(10) 3 main reasons clearly stated
(5) Spelling and grammar
(5) Complete sentences with subject and predicate
(5) Creativity
When you are done, add another paragraph explaining a point even more in depth OR pick another prompt and practice using power words in a new way! Outstanding Intimidating Resounding Bombing Amusing Massive Puzzled Extraordinary Outgoing Unappleaing Wicked Irresistable
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