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Animation movie's effects on children

No description

Joseph Nguyen

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Animation movie's effects on children

Develop the relationship between parents and kids when they watch cartoon together.
The enhancement of imagination in children's mind.
Cartoon have a strong entertaining feature for children.
The educational benefits of cartoon.
Our dream in cartoon.
according to the survey
1. Cartoon can inspire children for their life (22% strongly agree)
2.Action cartoon can give children energy. (19% agree)
3.Comedy cartoon can make children laugh. (21% strongly agree)
4.43% people believe the story content is important - 44% people think characters is important.

Animation movie's effects toward children
4.1 Social Relation portray in animated films
4.2 Role model for behavior in children animation movies
Aggressive reaction to social
Increasing aggressiveness
Using violence for problem solving.
How does cartoon influence psychology on young viewers ?
Research question 2: Negative effects of cartoon
Public's Opinions

Harry Floros

William Tong Hao

Negative effects of cartoon

Renee Jin Xue

Positive effects of Cartoon

Regiana Elfira

Cognitive impact
Joseph Anh Khoa Nguyen

Cartoon impact on children's social



The role of cartoon for children entertaining
Research questions:
Positive effects of animation movies
Negative effects of animation movies
Animation movies' effect on children cognitive behavior
Animation movies' effect on children's social behavior
Public's Opinions Vox Pop Interview

Online Survey
59 Participants

45% have under 18 sibling/s
Vox Pop

Questions ?
Research question 1: Positive effects of cartoon on children
survey monkey : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W92NLFJ
RMIT's staff members
Negative habits illustrate
Decrease of social interaction
Cigarette and Alcohol consumption
Decreasing of printed text reading time
gender stereotype
Adulthood promote in children cartoon.
4.3 Cartoon character's imitation in reality
Popular opinions of students in RMIT about the issue.
The question was asked is simple : what do you think about the influence of cartoon on children ?
students get involve in the interview. They're all believe both-sides influences of cartoon.
Qualitative focusing.
quantitative focusing
effective tool for data comparison
Group work
Secondary research
Online articles, journals and books.
Essential source of data where specific knowledge is reliable.
Easy to access
in the period between 6 and 9 years of age, children are likely unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy .
In children's observation, animated characters could be observed as authentic human.
Children love to pretend to be the powerful hero or heroine
Issues in the Media ( Healey 2009)
Primary research
Positive behavior
Cooperative behavior
Survey evaluation
Dark environment
Time wastage
Wrong knowledge
Parents' concerning
Preschool children

School kids
children can learn alphabet !
Wild life
A major part of human's growth
How does cognitive effect child's growth
what is cognitive development ?
An area of perception
Problem solving
Meta cognition
Social cognition
Animation diversified
Development of technology
Parenting issue
Addict to cartoon create long-term impact
Children's comprehension and obtain information
Role model that impact child's psychological state
Family image demonstration:
Traditional family image include: Father, mother and offspring/s
Alternative family: step-families, single parent, adoptive families
None of same-gender parents.
Couple image demonstration:
Love at first sight
Easy to maintain
Background of the issue (According to The American Journal of Family Therapy):
Media is an alternative resource of information.
Popular stories, myth and fairy tale are used as a role model by children to help them understand themselves sand their surrounding.
Super heroes and fairy tale, which are the popular and familiar characters with children, are more likely to be imitated by them.
For children's development
By parents and government
Most cartoon for children are harmless. The impact might be difference depend of the scale.
Both positive and negative effect are combined in cartoon.
Parents' participation in social education for children
Regulation and classification.
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