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Why hire me?

Evangelist, Spanish Language


on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Why hire me?

What you need
What I can offer
Specific Personal Attributes
Positive, Self Confident, Assertive, Empathetic
Building relationships and rapport
Listen carefully both verbally and non-verbally
Enjoy communicating
Adaptable and willing to learn
Strategic & Innovative
Combination of Knowledge, Experiences and Hunches
Think Outside the Box

Strategic & Innovative
Industry Skills & Experiences
Commitment to Education
Why you want me!
Why Hire Me!
As an
Information Technology Facilitator
Your Ideal Candidate ...
Specific Personal Attributes
Strategic & Innovative
Commitment to Education
Industry Skills and Experiences
Personal Attributes
Commitment to Education
Industry Skills & Experiences
Steve Sheridan
March 4, 2013
Quick Start Plan

Government Business Specialist
Finish strategic outline of attacking territory
Work existing purchases through process
Identify what is working with AM’s and where improvement could be implemented
Communicate with all team members on a continuing basis
Status check with Lee
Continue Learning
First 90 Day Actions
Learn past history with VISN and DOD accounts
Visit and meet with accounts
Learn their Philips history
Future Direction
Travel / work with AM’s
Communicate with Lee for direction / feedback
Continue gathering product knowledge
First 60 Day Actions
Meet with Lee to discuss:
Meet with sales and marketing team
Gain acceptance / cooperation
Explain that I need them to be successful
Gain broader product knowledge
Work with Eric and Nancy on transition plan
Investigate funnel opportunities
Learn different Philips CRM systems
First 30 Day Actions
A 90 day plan in order to be effective on “Day One” as Government Business Specialist.
Part of the Team
Provide Leadership
Bridge the Gap
Listen, Question, Be Responsive
Continue to Learn and Grow
Ambassador for Technology
"...she leaves no questions unanswered..."

"...devoting extra hours.."
Dedicated 15+ years to Technology
Expertise in various aspects of the SDLC
Strong Database Related Skills and Experience
Industries: Education, Health, Financial, Telecommunications, Government, Insurance
Doing My Best
Caring, Nurturing, & Developing Minds
Being a Piece of the Puzzle
At the End of Day ...

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