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What is Expository writing

No description

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of What is Expository writing

Expository writing is designed to communicate ideas and information to specific audiences for specific purpose.

It is a straight forward explanation about a topic.
What it is NOT
Creative writing or persuasive writing
What is it?
State topic point
Follow with supporting sentence
Finish with closing sentence
End with a transition word such as "to conclude", or "as a result".
Restate the thesis (not word for word)
Begin with a hook statement
Continue to build
End with thesis
Better example thesis statement
"Kayaking can open the door to new adventures and even a novice can master it."
The subject is about the topic and clearly states a purpose.
Thesis statement: "One of my favorite things is kayaking, and I will tell you how to master it."
Expository Writing
Expository Essay
Major parts of the Essay
"Ellen is the best candidate for the job!
There is no reason for a reader to believe it, as it lacks support.
"Kentucky has blue grass.
Kentucky bluegrass is the grass of choice, but it isn't a true blue color. Lacks support.
"While the grass is known as blue grass, it is actually green with a hint of blue in it. The hills of Kentucky roll for miles, with horse parks and fields which display the lush color of the state's grass."
Rule of Thumb
Stay away from FIRST and SECOND person pronouns.
Rule of Thumb
No paragraph should have fewer than three sentences. (Topic Sentences + evidence + Conclusion)
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