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Physics 11: Music Express Accident Investigation

No description

Amneet Randhawa

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Physics 11: Music Express Accident Investigation

A Disturbing Accident:My Investigation: The Music Express The Music Express is a ride at PlayLand, PNE, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
It was manufactured by Mack and has been there since 1987.
It includes many bright colours, loud music and impressive speed that makes it an attraction and a guest favourite at PlayLand.
It has 13 RPM so it travels at 9.1m/s.
As the ride moves it has a “wavy” motion, and so it slopes slightly upward and then back down.
It moves clockwise.
“The ride motion gives you the feeling of almost being thrown out your seat but the two restraint systems of the ride keep you safely inside!”… not after what happened to poor Boss Brown. 
The person on the left usually experiences an uncomfortable, “squishing” feeling.
To ride you must be 48 inches tall.
There are about 20 cars that can hold a maximum of 3 people, that are all attached and spin in a circular motion.
When the ride operator/ DJ asks you if you want to go faster, you scream in agreement… you won’t be disappointed. You will go faster… but after what happened to Boss Brown, do you really want to go faster? On Thursday, May 9th /2013, 16 year old Boss Brown went on a PlayLand field trip for her Physics 11 class. Each student in her class was assigned a ride. She was assigned the Music Express. Little did she know that her Music Express would turn into a silent disaster. The Music Express circulated at a speed of 13 RPM (revolutions per minute) also known as 9.1m/s in a track that was 42 meters in circumference. As you may know, the person sitting on the left side of the ride gets completely mashed by their neighbor, as was Boss that day. Tragically, the torture of being squashed by her neighbor was not the only pain Boss felt that day. Boss’ safety bar was not locked in. As the ride picked up speed, the safety bar flew open, and Boss tumbled out of the ride. She was projected up 4.2m and 8.5 meters from her car with a force of 590 Newtons, as she has a mass of 60kg. The point from which she fell allowed her to roll down the slope to safety(where the gates are). Divinely, Boss survived. She suffered severe damage to her skull, due to falling out head first, broke her left arm, and broke some ribs from the impact. She was traumatized but she is here to tell the story in person today. The Free Body Diagram The Victim. Experience the Ride C= 2πr
C= 42m.(total distance)

13 RPM to m/s
(C)(RPM) / 60
=(42)(13) / 60
v= 9.1m/s.(velocity)

Fnet= -590 N (total force)

Height of Fall: -mgh=½mv^2
-(-9.8)h= ½(9.1) ^2
h= 4.2m

Time of Fall: d=vit+ ½at^2
(2)4.2/9.8= ½(2)(9.8/9.1)t^2
√0.8571428571= √t2
t = 0.93 seconds

Distance of fall: D=vt
d= 8.5m CALCULATIONS Projectile Motion Vertical

Velocity: 0m/s
Acceleration: -9.8m/s^2
Height: 4.2m Horizontal

Velocity: 9.1m/s
Acceleration: 0m/s^2
Distance: 8.5m Man is Injured from a Fall from the Music Express On October 2/2010, a 22 year old man at the Maui County Fair in Wailuku, Hawaii, was riding the Music Express when he was projected out of the ride. The man was hospitalized with back injuries. Here's a link.
http://www.rideaccidents.com/2010.html#oct2a Amneet
Randhawa Safety Put a divider between the two people in each car which will prevent the person on the right from squashing the person on the left.The ride should have more regular safety checks. The safety bar didn't lock, so they should check the locks for each car to make sure they're safe. The Accident Scene. The "X" marks where the biggest error occurred. The Interview The DJ and Control Centre FASTER? The Music Express Ride History Investigation Report The area of the Accident... References:

PNE website for Ride info: http://www.pne.ca/playland/rides-games-food/rides.html

Ride Speculations for Ride Data:

Example news story:

To collect the Ride History:

The Music Express picture:

The rest of the pictures and videos:
Taken from own experience.

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