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Ch 7 Review - Division Facts & Strategies

No description

Jenna Peluso

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Ch 7 Review - Division Facts & Strategies

Chapter 7 Review Division Facts & Strategies START FINISH Remember:
When you hold up your whiteboard to answer you must have...

- The answer WITH correct label

- Whichever method you used to solve it Whichever team gives the correct answer, receives 2 points Bonus Point Round The team that gives the correct answer, will receive 3 points for this round. Bonus Point Round The team that answers this problem correctly receives 4 points. Bonus Point Round This final question is worth TEN points to the team that answers it correctly Steve and his family traveled 12 miles on a sunset cruise. Every 3 miles the boat stopped for people to take pictures. How many times did the boat stop? Ellen is making 4 gift baskets for her friends. She has 16 prizes she wants to divide equally among the baskets. How many prizes should she put in each basket? The bike shack displays 45 bikes grouped by color. There are 5 bikes in each group. How many colors of bikes does the store have? Ming divided 35 marbles among 7 different friends. Each friend received the same number of marbles. How many marbles did Ming give to each friend? Pedro uses 30 game pieces to play a game. There are 6 players in the game. If each player gets the same number of game pieces, how many game pieces does each player get? Larah found 50 pinecones. She put 10 pinecones in each bag. How many bags did Larah use? Brian is dividing 64 baseball cards among 8 friends. Write a related, algebraic multiplication sentence to show how you could find how many cards each friend gets. Amber uses the order of operations to solve the following equation:
63 - 49 / 7 = b
What does b equal? Gary bought 4 packs of cards. Each pack had the same number of cards in it. A friend gave him three more cards. Now he has 35 cards in all. How many cards WERE in each pack? Jim collected 28 seashells at the beach. He arranged them in equal rows. There are 4 seashells in each row. How many rows of seashells did he make? A flower shop sells daffodils in bunches of 9. It sells 27 daffodils. How many bunches of daffodils does the shop sell? Jae and her friend drank a 40-ounce bottle of apple cider. Each person had one 8-ounce serving of cider. How many people had apple cider? There are 27 students in Mrs. Garcia's class. The class is going on a field trip to a water park. Mrs. Garcia separates the students into groups of 3. How many groups were there? Solve the following problem using the correct order of operations:
3 + 12 / 3 = c Use the correct order of operations to solve the equation below:
2 x 6 / 4 = f Mrs. Jackson bought 5 packages of juice boxes. Each package had the same number of juice boxes. She opened one package and gave 3 juice boxes away. Now she has 27 juice boxes. How many juice boxes WERE in each package? Students celebrated Earth Day by planting 24 seedlings equally at 8 different locations in town. At one of the locations, all of the seedlings died. How many seedlings are still alive? Ana bought 6 packages of strawberries to make strawberry milkshakes. She found that she had and additional 8 strawberries already in her refrigerator. Now she has 62 strawberries total. How many strawberries WERE in each package? Maria is buying a new puppy. She needs to buy items for her puppy at the pet store. She buys a cage and two bowls for a total of $60. The cage costs $42. The bowls each cost the same amount. What is the price of 1 bowl? EXPLAIN the steps you use to solve the problem.
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