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Lab MISC ok in UK

No description

Mohamed-Khireddine kholladi

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Lab MISC ok in UK

M Laboratory S C University of Constantine 2 Modelisation Implementation Systems Complex MISC Lab Presentation Approved by the Order No. 93 of March 25, 2010 The Board of MISC Lab. is composed of the team heads and research project chiefs Team N°1CFSC Formal Design of Complex Systems Team N°2 SCAL Team
N°3 MFGL Team
N°4 OSIG Soft Computing & Artificial Life Formal Methohes for Software Engineering Spatial Ontologies &
Geographical Information Systems Head Prof. Saïdouni Djamel Eddine Areas of scientific research:
- Real-Time Systems
- Distributed Systems
- Formal Methods for the Design of Complex Systems
- Models Semantic & Specification of Parallelism
- Methods of Verification of Complex Systems
- Meta-heuristic Problem Solving & Complexes
- Etc. Head Prof. Chikhi Salim Areas of scientific research:
- Complex Systems
- Biotechnology & Bioinformatics,
- Meta-heuristic & Optimization
- Decision Making
- Artificial Vision & Augmented Reality
- Treatment-parallel & Distributed Systems
- Etc. Head Prof. Chaoui Allaoua Areas of scientific research:
- Specification Languages​​, Description &
Verification of Distributed Systems
- Model Transformation & Graph Transformation
- Engineering-driven Models
- Petri Nets
- Rewriting-logic
- Etc. Head Prof. Kholladi Mohamed-Khireddine Areas of scientific research:
- Simulation of Complex Systems, Computer & Development
- Treatment & Image Synthesis
- Meta-heuristics & Troubleshooting Complex Geographical
Information Systems (GIS)
- Repositories
- Multi-agent Systems
- Knowledge-Bases & Space Advanced Information Systems
- Quantum-Computing
- Human-Machine-Interface
- Data-Mining, Information Extraction Systems & Web Access
- Etc. Licenses for computer science Masters for
Computer Science - Academic license in computer science option "Computer Science Systems" (SI)
- Professional license in computer science option "Science and Technologies of Information and Communication" (STIC) - Academic master in computer science option "Distributed Systems" (SD)
- Academic master in computer science option "Science and Technologies of Information and Communication" (STIC)
- Professional master in computer science option "Science and Technologies of Information and Communication" (STIC) Organization of information days for licensees and masters by MISC-Lab Laboratory of MISC License acad "SI" et Master acad "SD" Academic License & Master Pro license & Master Pro et Acad License STIC et Masters Acad & Prof STIC Day of September 29, 2011 Day of May 7, 2012 Day May 15, 2012 Doctoral programs supported by MISC-Lab Ph.D. 3rd Cycle LMD in computer science Complex Systems (SC)
- Option: "Distributed Systems" (SD)
- Option: "Science and Technologies of Information and Communication" (STIC) Magisters in computer science
Option: "Distributed Systems & Formal Methods" (SD-MF)
Option: "Advanced Information Systems & Web Technologies" (SIA-TW) Ph.D. in computer science Participation in Doctoral programs in Algeria National & international scientific collaborations Collaborations with universities in eastern Algeria
Member of the CIM network with CDTA
RASIC member of the CDTA
Member networks of data repositories ASD and information systems COSI Member of the European project with INRIA Dolphin
Relationship with the laboratory LIRIS INSA Lyon
Member of Cassini in France
Member of CANS in Romania
Member of ICADIWT in Czech
Program agreement with Valencia
Preparation and agreement with Lyon Member of Network ICDIM in Canada
Member of e-learning ICELW in the USA Member of networks ACIT and IACET in Jordan
Member of networks E-Medisys and SETIT in Tunisia 1. Espagne with the Polytechnic of Valencia
- Laboratory NLEL (Natural Language Engineering Lab)
2.France with the University of Dijon
- laboratory LE2I
3.France with the University of Montpellier II
- Laboratory LIRMM
4.France with INSA Lyon
- Laboratory LIRIS
5.France with the University Claude Bernard Lyon I
- Laboratory GAMA International scientific cooperation Comparative advantages Young doctoral students willing to engage in research and mastering Arabic and French which broadens the research of the Spanish team in integrating the automatic processing of these two languages. Algerian Team Researchers in the field of natural language processing that provides excellent training for doctoral recipients. Spanish Team Organization of scientific events - Organization MISC'2010 30-31 May 2010
- Participation in day-research laboratories & young researchers from 26 May 2011.
- Organization of MISC'2012 20-21 May 2012 (for readability international laboratory and scientific consecration all peers 2 years)
- The first day-doctoral of laboratory MISC - JDMISC'2011 September 29, 2011 (for the evaluation of doctoral all odd 2 years)
- Preparation of the international online journal of laboratory MISC (IJMISC) ​​on the website of the laboratory for late 2013.
- Preparation of the second days-doctoral of laboratory MISC - JDMISC'2013 from 15 to 16 May 2013. Scientific Research - CNEPRU national Projects since 2008
- PNR National Project since 2010/2011
(code 12/U250/4837)
- Publications in international journals
- Participation to national and international
conferences Publications in international journals and international conferences 2010-2012 Program committee member of international journals and international conferences 2010-2012 Theses defended of PhD, Masters & Magisters 2010-2012 JDMISC’2011 MISC’2012 Director of MISC Laboratory Prof. Kholladi Mohamed-Khireddine Director of laboratory : Prof. Kholladi Mohamed-Khireddine
Address of Laboratory : University Constantine 2 - Faculty of ICT
Campus of ICT - Ali Mendjelli – Constantine
email: admin@misc-umc.org
Website of the laboratory: http://www.misc-umc.org/
email: kholladi@yahoo.fr
Tel. +213.770.314924 LMD courses supported by MISC-Lab
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