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In the book Sounder there are alot of conflicts some intern

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raneshia walden

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of In the book Sounder there are alot of conflicts some intern

In the book Sounder there are a lot of conflicts some internal some external. In this book sounder there is at least 3 main characters Sounder, the boy, and the father. There are also more characters like the mother, siblings, and the red faced man.This is my exposition or introduction to the story.
In the book , Sounder is a coon dog who really loves and cherishes his master.Later in the book Sounder has an internal conflict that changes his life.
The next character I"m going to discuss is the boy. The boy is determine to learn how to read.
The mother is a caring, loving wife and mother. When the mother frets about something, she tends to hum. When things are good she sings.
My Sounder Storyboard
The father is a hard working man and he loves his family. The father has callouses on his hand, which proves he is very hard working man.
Every Story has a Climax. In Sounder the Climax is Sounder came back home after being shot by the deputies . He now is crippled.
In this book, the red faced man which is the deputy is very cruel and mean.
The second element is Rising Action. This is when problems or conflicts are introduced . The first rising action is the father went to jail. Next, Sounder got shot. Last, is the red faced deputy smashed the father's cake which this action made the boy feel very mournful or sad.
The first falling action is the father came back home from hard labor. The father is now crippled . His body is askew which means to one side .The second falling action is the boy met a teacher who told him about reading also helped him cover his wound which he got from one of the deputies who through a rock at his hand.
In Sounder there were a lot of conflicts.
The father got arrested.
The boy wants to learn how to read which is a man vs. self. also an internal conflict.
The next conflict Sounder got shot by the deputies. This is the internal conflict he faces.
The deputy smashed the cake.
The resoultion for this story is the father and Sounder died. The boy and his family are now grieving over this terrible lose. That was my STORYBOARD.
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