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The Snapping Turtle

Group project presentation

Bob The builder

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of The Snapping Turtle

The Snapping Turtle
By Joseph Bruchac
Presented by Michael Perez, Annie Keough, Molly McArdle, and Will Earnhardt


A young boy that is 11 years old goes out to go fishing one day after consulting his grandparents. On his way he desides to go under this bridge to see another part of the river were he goes fishing. He hears some people that he dislikes talking about a snapping turtle that they sold for 10 dollars when he is done listening he heads over to the river and sets out to catch a turtle. He finds one by the shore and drags it back to his home then he goes to sell it and discovers that the turtle is only worth about 2 dollars. He then puts the turtle back in the river and it disappears without a trace.
Elements of Literature
Bruchac uses character when he writes "I was lucky that my grandparents were raising me"

It shows character because it tells about the boy's life and that he was happy to have his grandparents.
Bruchac shows illusion when he writes, "his family was Abenaki Indian"

It shows illusion because it is relating to a historical figure (his family)

Joseph Bruchac was born October 16, 1942 in Saratoga Springs, NY. He studied writing along with multiple different indian cultures which he based his writing off of. He earned the Cherokee Nation Prose Award, the Hope S. Dean Award for Notable Achievement in Children's Literature, the 1998 Writer of the Year Award, 1998 Storyteller of the Year Award from the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers, Storytellers, and in 1999 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award
Character is the people, animals, or figures in a story
Allusion is reference to a historical or literary figure or event.
Setting is the time and place in which the action of a narrative occurs
Setting is shown in "The Snapping Turtle" when Bruchac writes, "A glint of wider expanse of water."
This shows setting because he is describing how the water looked
Imagery is the use of concrete details that appeal to the five senses
An example of imagery is when the author writes, "Its tail was rough and ridged."

This is an example of imagery because it is describing how the tail felt to the character.
Figurative Language
A simile is a comparison of two things using the words like or as
An example of a simile is when Bruchac writes, "A roaring hiss like the rush of air from a punctured tire came out of its mouth."

This is a simile because it compares the turtle's hiss to a punctured tire.
Dialogue is when two or more characters engage in conversation.
An example of dialogue is when the boy says "I'll be back by then" and the grandma responds "You stay off the state road now"

This is an example of dialogue because two characters are having a conversation.
The mood in this story doesn't have much emphasis on the writing and ends a little disappointing. It is also depressing.
Mood and Tone
The tone is showing how the boy is being loyal to his grandparents and honoring their values and how the boy is trying to prove himself to the other kids that tried to catch the turtle.

Exposition- The boy tells his grandma he is going fishing and she tells him to stay off the state road.
Rising Action- He goes to the big creek and hears the boys talking about the big turtle.
Climax- He catches the turtle and pulls it out of the water
Falling Action- He lugs the turtle back to his grandparents house and they take it to sell it
Resolution- The man would only give him 2 dollars for it so he puts the turtle back in the water and lets it go
The most important conflict in the story was when the boy had to decide if he should go to the big creek or obey his grandparents and not go (character vs. self) . The protagonist was trying to accomplish catching the turtle and selling it for a good price. The main conflict was resolved when he decided not to sell the turtle and to let it go.
Character Analysis
Boy (protagonist)- adventurous, honorable. Adventures to the creek and honors his grandparents values.

Grandma- easygoing/nice. Trusts her grandson to go to the creek alone.
Grandpa- uneducated "Not a person with book learning."
Will- enthusiastic, wants to catch the turtle "It was the biggest snapper he ever saw."
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